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Magic Johnson Unveils NFTs Showcasing The Basketball Legend’s Iconic Moments




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In a world where sports and NFT are combining, American franchises are leading the way into an even newer frontier: the digital domain.

The most recent athlete to enter the digital art market is none other than basketball player and legend, Earvin “Magic” Johnson. He recently announced his collaboration with NBA Top Shot on an NFT collection that will feature digital paintings inspired by some of Mr.J’s greatest moments in-game!

Magic Johnson just announced the release of “The anthology: Magic Johnson” NFT collection on NBA Top Shot. The basketball legend is taking his skills to the virtual world, where he can be at home with NFTs and sportscards alike! The NFT is scheduled for release on June 7th.

Magic Johnson Rare Moments On NFT

In a world-first, Johnson will be immortalized in Magic card packs. Each pack costs $399 and contains one of four different magic moments from his championship-winning season with the Los Angeles Lakers. There will be a total of 1,600 limited-edition packs issued.

Each pack will contain one rare or legendary rarity level Magic Johnson Moment NFT.


The embrace of Web3 by US sports franchises and athletes has been particularly notable, with many prominent figures in the industry serving as advocates for key global exchanges.

The launch of Top Shot, an NBA NFT marketplace built on the FLOW blockchain was revealed in 2020. Since then, the organization has established multiple initiatives to increase fan interest, including NBAxNFT – an online Discord for interacting with basketball fans on all things Web3.

Johnson tweeted on Monday that he was thrilled to release his first NFT, which provides fans with some of his favorite iconic moments.

According to the company, players with a Top Shot score of at least 150,00 have a higher chance of getting one with 1,200 packs set aside to be airdropped to them. The remaining 400 packs will be available to all buyers, regardless of their Top Shot score.


Magic, The NBA Legend

Johnson has been an NBA champion five times, with three MVPs and 12 All-Star Games under his belt. He was also a member of the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team.

Johnson is considered one of the most significant players in NBA history

“I already have faith in NBA Top Shot. I know how they operate,” remarked Johnson. “They always perform correctly. For both myself and them, it was a no-brainer.”

The Hall of Fame guard is eager to see his peers from previous generations join Top Shot and sign an agreement. He believes NFTs are a new way for fans to collect some pieces of his career.



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