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Marketing In Web3 | VOC Exclusive with Lara Assi




One of the main goals of web3 is to make the internet more accessible and secure for its users. The fancy tech term for this change is decentralization. Decentralization takes power out of big tech companies’ hands by keeping individuals’ data private. Only the user can access and share their information.

Blockchain technology is what allows data decentralization to occur. The New York Times introduces the positives of blockchain as “a tool that promises to decentralize the structures governing all economic transactions and, in the process, redefine our concept of trust.”

While these protections may make marketers’ jobs more complicated, they will also make marketing strategies more transparent. Web3 will require marketers to focus on building relationships with prospects through direct communication. They will learn about their target audience by tracking how they engage with brands publicly on social media, and they will learn their audience’s likes and dislikes through interactive content like surveys and polls. As a result, marketers will be more open about what data they look for and how they will use it for future marketing tactics.

Decentralization is about realizing that your prospects are individuals rather than numbers in a dataset.


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