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Metaverse Mania Continues: Digital Marketers Seek Space on Metaverse




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Key Insights:

  • The metaverse is the newest marketing platform to try out. 
  • Marketers are looking to switch from social media platforms to the metaverse.
  • Metaverse is based on user-generated content and customization, making it great for marketing.

The metaverse, known as virtual reality, is a platform that incorporates physical and digital elements. The metaverse is taking the world by storm, and several companies are keying into this opportunity.

The metaverse is replete with education, music, and social media opportunities for different sectors. Social media used to be the primary marketing platform until metaverse came to displace it. Facebook and Instagram are looking to incorporate metaverses elements into their platforms to keep customers on their platforms.

In a recent survey, close to half of digital marketers are planning to run a campaign on the metaverse. 

More specifically, 44% of marketers plan to run a survey in the metaverse.

An expert explains, “time is changing and so are marketing strategies. If we fail to move with the tide, we will lose clients because we fail to apply strategies that apply to today’s world”.

The survey showed that out of 843 marketers that the test was conducted for, 61% of them wanted a space in the metaverse. However, 44% of them are ready to run their campaign on metaverse.


In the same survey, it showed that marketers with more years of experience {6 years and above} are ready to encourage a brand experience on metaverse. On the other hand, users with less experience are unlikely to promote brand existence on metaverse.

What makes Marketing on the Metaverse Achievable?

A primary reason marketing on metaverse is achievable is that metaverse is built on customized and user-generated content. This feature allows users to create the kind of content they want. Consequently, making it easy for marketers to study users’ content to craft targeted content for specific people.

Another feature that makes the metaverse market- achievable is its ability to incorporate elements in the metaverse. Users can import assets and objects to the metaverse and operate them efficiently on the metaverse. This feature is great for marketers as they can import their marketing elements from web 3.0 into the metaverse.

In Conclusion

You can sell, buy and trade on the metaverse, and hold meetings and seminars, all in the metaverse. You must know that a metaverse is a great place for content marketing all of these. And many marketers are willing to grab the opportunity to produce optimized content for their audience.