Top 5 Altcoins to Watch in June

Top 5 Altcoins to Watch in June

Key Insights:

  • Bitcoin's decline below the $28,000 support price has also affected Altcoins. 
  • The top five Altcoins to watch in June are WBT, VEGA, OP, DSLA, and SAND. 

The value of Altcoins is intrinsically tied to that of Bitcoin — the king crypto. While, BTC's plummet below the $28,000 mark has negatively affected altcoins and the larger crypto market, there are still some alts that traders and investors will watch closely over June.

Overall, the crypto market hasn't encountered any significant price surge. Instead, most coins have just hovered around the same price.

This article looks at the most promising Altcoins to watch out for in June. Shall we?

WhiteBIT (WBT)

  • Price: $4.91
  • Market cap: $303 million
  • Market rank: 2658

Although currently down by 0.47% within the past 24h, WBT has increased gradually since February. If the increase continues, the next resistance would be at $7.50, with a drop to $3.20 if it does not. 

Furthermore, WBT would be listed on Bitfinex on June 1, with withdrawals to commence afterward. While the token has been previously listed on other exchanges, Bitfinex is the biggest. 

This would make WBT more accessible to the larger crypto community, as Bitfinex is home to professional traders and competent investors. Moreover, WBT offers numerous benefits like a 100% trading fee discount, free ETH and ERC-20 tokens withdrawals, etc. 

All these make the coin one to look out for in this new month. 

Vega Protocol (VEGA)

  • Price: $1.73
  • Market cap: $86 million
  • Market rank: 282

Currently, up by 11.77% in the last 24h, VEGA is hitting form at the right time as it is primed to enter its growth phase on June 12. In this phase, staking rewards will be massively diminished, decreasing inflation. 

There are forecasts that VEGA could considerably increase in the year's second half. Some predict that it could rise to $2.40 and beyond, while others feel that cue a breakdown, it could slip to $1.10. 

Optimism (OP)

  • Price: $1.44
  • Market cap: $927 million
  • Market rank: 49

Optimism network's mainnet upgrade has been slated for June 6 — a hard fork that should take 2 – 4 hours. It is expected to improve the network's security, lessen transaction fees, shorten deposit time, and improve compatibility with Ethereum.

The price of OP tokens is expected to drop by 7% ahead of the upcoming $580 million OP unlock. This would follow its recent decline in February when it broke from the $1.85 horizontal area. 

With a reported bullish pattern on the horizon, a price return to $1.85 is on the cards for OP.

DSLA Protocol (DSLA)

  • Price: $0.0019
  • Market cap: $10.5 million
  • Market rank: 783

DSLA has had a relative increase across its 24h volume, 24h price, and market cap. This contrasts how it decreased since April when it reached a yearly high. 

The DSLA Protocol plans to launch its testnet on June 13. As a result, it could cause a price surge for the token. 

The Sandbox (SAND)

  • Price: $0.56
  • Market cap: $1.04 billion
  • Market rank: 46

SAND is trading at $0.56 — up by 0.99% in 24h — after hitting the daily high of $0.57. It is possibly going to pass the upper boundary of the channel. 

Moreover, the Sandbox will conduct its much-heralded Hallyu Rising land sale between June 8 and 12. This event could have an impact on the value of SAND moving forward.

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