50% of Investors Complain of Reduced Returns on Crypto Investments

50% of Investors Complain of Reduced Returns on Crypto Investments

It is unfortunate to witness the recent bearish trend in the crypto market. To top it up, a recent survey by the Pew Research Center claims most crypto investors complain about not receiving expected returns from their crypto investments.

The survey used random probability sampling to gather insights from 6000 individuals across the USA. The adults were required to submit their insights in the form of responses through the web survey.

Survey Insights and Stats

While the survey received diverse individual responses, most crypto investors claimed to receive less than expected returns on their crypto investments. Only 15% of the respondents claimed to receive more significant revenue, indicating a positive move in the crypto market.

The survey could sum up the general trends in the responses amongst crypto investors stating their returns deteriorate. Some respondents also claimed their returns to be the same, without witnessing any positive or negative shift.

Why Did Investors Turn to the Crypto Market

One of the survey's most shocking revelations was why investors looked up to crypto or invested in the crypto market.

Most respondents claimed they turned to invest in crypto assets, expecting them to be "a good way for making money." The expectations from crypto returns were significantly high amongst them. 16% of the respondents also claimed to have used crypto.

The now disappointed crypto investors were once the most active ones in the market, around 2021, when the crypto market was at its all-time high.

Financial investors and advisers also claim 2021 saw a stark increase in crypto investments in the USA, with Bitcoin reaching $67,582. Such a spike is generally understood as a result of the massive growth of altcoins, easier access to cryptocurrency, etc. However, the enthusiasm of all the investors was short-lived, with Bitcoin diving to $21403 and Ethereum to $1640 from their all-time high.

Crypto investments: A retirement strategy

A recent survey by DeVere Group showed that people born between 1964-1985 plan to buy cryptocurrency by the end of 2022. Nigel Green, the CEO of DeVere Group, sees it as an easy part of the broad retirement strategy for people born between 1965-1980.

While such a trend might look lucrative to the ones yet to plan similar retirement strategies, Green also cautioned people about crypto investments. According to him, one must go ahead with such investments only in consultation with financial experts to avoid financially adverse situations. Thus, the hack is in strategizing before committing.

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