zkSync, LayerZero, Magic Eden Airdrops Incoming in 2024: Here’s How You Can Be a Millionaire from Crypto Airdrops this Bull Season

zkSync, LayerZero, Magic Eden Airdrops Incoming in 2024: Here’s How You Can Be a Millionaire from Crypto Airdrops this Bull Season

Key Insights:

  • Several airdrops are lined up for 2024.
  • zkSync, Later Zero, Eigenlayer, Magic Eden, Berachain and several more.
  • Recently the $JUP airdrop turned a teenager into a millionaire.
  • Safety is essential to avoid losing funds during airdrop scams.

Airdrops are perhaps the most easy way to earn some passive crypto income. They have made good wealth for participants in 2023 and might prove to be even better in 2024.

Recently, a $JUP airdrop turned a 17-year old teenager into a crypto millionaire when he received 1.85 million tokens.

With several airdrops for top projects lined up for a big splash in 2024, this is your chance to try for each one of them and be the crypto millionaire you always wanted to be.

Top Airdrops in 2024

Wu Blockchain has reported several upcoming airdrops on his X account. Though the list is only a presumptive one and is not final, yet, there are several major projects worth noticing.

Some of the top airdrops that are awaited this year are:

  • zkSync, a Ethereum scaling solution and a Layer-2 blockchain. ZK Sync is the most awaited Ethereum scaling solution that would allow it to reduce transaction fees multiple times lower than Ethereum.
  • Layer Zero, which is a blockchain bridge to support cross-chain transfers. Even in its basic form, the solution connects more than 50 blockchains which would facilitate the transfer of any asset over any pair of chains.
  • Magic Eden, an NFT marketplace with a community driven approach. The marketplace also supports Bitcoin ordinals which most NFT marketplaces do not. Its airdrop has already started and you just need to connect your wallet on the platform to get started on claiming the airdrop.
  • Eigenlayer, a protocol that would allow the re-staking of liquidity provider (LP) tokens. Till now, LP tokens just sat idle in liquidity provider's wallet. With Eigenlayer, the LP tokens could be re-staked or collateralized to receive crypto loans.
  • Berachain, a layer-1 blockchain with a unique Proof of Liquidity consensus mechanism. Since the blockchain is EVM compatible, it would be easy to move your crypto and NFTs between Berachain and other EVM blockchains such as Polygon, Optimism, and others.
  • Taiko, an Ethereum-equivalent Virtual Machine with integrated zero knowledge functionality. The platform would allow anyone to run a node and become validators on it (called provers).
  • Blast is a decentralized API provider that would help other platforms seamlessly connect with each other. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that it already processes 1.7 billion API calls every day.
  • Aevo, is a dedicated derivatives exchange that helps settle trades through an on-chain settlement mechanism which would help overcome the inefficiencies of other crypto derivative exchanges. Also since trades would be executed using on-chain mechanisms and smart contracts, it would not require heavy infrastructure and this might reduce the transaction fees.
  • Puffer Finance is also a re-staking platform for Ethereum-based PoS protocols. The re-staking would allow protocols to become safer and also allow users to earn extra income with the re-staked ETH.
  • EtherFi is also a re-staking platform. Till date it has more than $1.39 billion ETH staked on its platform. This is also the only protocol where stakers control the keys to the staking pool and this helps reduce the risk of losing your money like in the case of FTX.
  • Backpack is a simplified crypto and NFT exchange.
  • Friends.tech is a social platform based on blockchain. It has a cryptocurrency called social token which allows users to reward others for activities like posts, likes and comments. The platform has been designed to help popular creators monetize their efforts with ease.

Researching in advance is of the utmost importance while participating in airdrops. Subscriptions to airdrops where you would have a high chance to win comes only from diligent research.

The large number of airdrops in 2024 is due to the simple fact that crypto winter stopped several of these companies to spend for their marketing due to fears of running out of cash.

This prompted several of these companies bring an airdrop only when they know that market conditions are favorable and would remain so for the rest of the year.

The sheer number of airdrops in 2024 tends to increase the chances of being rewarded for every user. Each has the potential to turn you in to the a crypto millionaire.

How an Airdrop Turned A Teenager into a Millionaire

Recently, a 17-year old became a crypto millionaire after receiving $1.7 million worth of $JUP tokens in the airdrop. He reportedly got around 1.85 million tokens in multiple wallets, some of which he later sold in decentralized exchanges.

While most people rarely hope to receive an airdrop, yet, the teenager proved that these could turn into life-changing events. With over $1.7 million in holdings, there are endless possibilities where the teenager might explore some lucrative career opportunities, become a profitable investor or fulfil the dream of getting an admission into his dream college.

How to be Safe from Scams During Airdrops?

Being safe during crypto airdrops is very important. A wrong connection would easily destroy all the accumulated rewards in your wallet.

To keep your wallet safe during airdrops, you can make sure of a few things.

  • Do not keep all your assets in one wallet or in one exchange.
  • Make sure to verify common things such as SSL certificate, URL and website's name.
  • Enable safety features in your wallets such as alerts, if it supports, otherwise choose a privacy focused browser like Brave.
  • Do a minimal research before connecting your wallet to any platform. Also while doing the research make sure that you stand a chance to win the airdrop.
  • Scammers often ask you to enter your recovery phrase or demand access to your wallet's private keys.

Keeping all of these in mind, make sure never to panic or give attention to any FUD. Your current funds are much more important than any airdrop reward.

Disclaimer: Voice of Crypto aims to deliver accurate and up-to-date information, but it will not be responsible for any missing facts or inaccurate information. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile financial assets, so research and make your own financial decisions.

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