“The Dollar Is F*cked, Choose Bitcoin—No Other Option" Andrew Tate Says

Andrew Tate, despite past spats, endorses Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation and traditional finance.
“The Dollar Is F*cked, Choose Bitcoin—No Other Option" Andrew Tate Says

Key Insights

  • Despite past criticism, Andrew Tate expressed strong support for Bitcoin as an alternative to the "f*cked" US dollar.

  • Tate highlights inflation and government control as reasons to move away from the dollar and traditional investments.

  • Tate has reportedly been using DCA to consistently buy Bitcoin since 2018.

  • While a Bitcoin advocate, Tate has endlessly criticized the crypto community and some altcoins.

  • Tate sees Bitcoin as a solution against government control over TradFi.

Andrew Tate had a love-hate relationship with crypto for years now.

Some days, he is on Twitter, calling crypto a scam and the crypto community “degenerates”.

Other days, he is making endorsements for crypto projects, and teasing the launch of his own “Tate Coin”.

This time around, it appears that the self-described "Top G" has seen the issues with the traditional financial system, according to a new post he made on X this week.

“The dollar is f*cked,” he says “no other options”.

Tate Endorses Bitcoin

 The former professional kickboxer and social media influencer, in reality, is a big fan of crypto, particularly Bitcoin.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>The “tyranny” of real estate, others</p></div>

The “tyranny” of real estate, others

According to a recent tweet, Tate declared that Bitcoin may soon be the only viable choice when it comes to money, considering the many issues with the UD dollar when it comes to issues like inflation and what he describes as “investment tyranny” from the US government.

“The dollars fucked. Real estate (and most other investments) they will take off you once you don’t comply with their tyranny. And the tyranny will become worse than ever. Leaving bitcoin. There’s no other option.”

Despite the many times that Tate has come on Twitter to bash crypto and the crypto community, the self-proclaimed "richest man in the world" has been very smart with his Bitcoin investments.

He has reportedly been practising what is known as dollar-cost averaging (or DCA) since 2018, which involves buying Bitcoin at regular intervals without fail, regardless of whether the price is up or down.

The “Top G” has also thrown his weight behind other blockchain projects like the newly launched Venom blockchain, stating that its success is “inevitable”.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Possible launch of &nbsp;“Tate coin”</p></div>

Possible launch of  “Tate coin”

Tate also recently teased the launch of his own cryptocurrency, backed by millions of his own personal fortune—a move he later chalked down to a mere joke.

A Mixed Relationship with the Crypto Community

As mentioned earlier, Tate has a complicated relationship with the crypto community.

On one hand, he is an avid supporter of Bitcoin and some altcoins. On the other hand, he has endlessly criticized the community, labelling them as “degenerates”, non-contributors to societal progress, and people blinded by a “get rich quick” scheme in an episode of the Disruptors Podcast streamed on February 23, with Rob Moore.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>“nothing to do with crypto”</p></div>

“nothing to do with crypto”

Overall, the general idea of Tate's outlook is that Bitcoin is a shining light against "financial tyranny" and the risks of investing with traditional financial institutions.

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