Would NFTs Be On Sony’s Playstation Games Soon Enough?

Would NFTs Be On Sony’s Playstation Games Soon Enough?

Key Insights

  • Sony PlayStation has published the detail of its patent filed in July 2021
  • The patent is titled "Tracking Unique In-Game Digital Assets Using Tokens on a Distributed Ledger."
  • The patent system will track the digital assets created within a game.

Sony becomes one of the gaming console developers to delve into the NFT ecosystem. Even though it had filed the Patent in July 2021, after its first filing in 2019, the details became public in November 2022.


You would recall that Polium One became the first video gaming console to support web3 games. The console said its features include buying and trading NFTs & in-game items. Furthermore, Sony has rolled out some details and features of its NFT gaming

Sony Debuts Its NFT Gaming Feature

Sony Interactive revealed the details of its July 2021 patent filing in the US. The patent is titled "Tracking Unique In-Game Digital Assets Using Tokens on a Distributed Ledger." 

According to the Patent's abstract descriptor, the aim is to have a mechanism that "tracks digital assets associated with video games." Similarly, it will include "in-game items or characters."

Furthermore, the patent covers a system that could be used to track the creation, use, modification, and transfer of digital assets— created within a game or assets created based on the gameplay of a video game. 

Sony and NFTs
Sony and NFTs

Sony refers to the patent as a system. It says skilled players or popular content creators could use the system to verify the authenticity of digital assets. In turn, other players may want to buy, sell or rent such an NFT game.

Similarly, it said users could use the systems and technologies in the patent application to track the life cycle of digital assets. Even if these digital assets are spread across various hardware platforms, including those of different manufacturers and publishers. 

The gaming giants said it seeks to replicate video games where players can use digital assets during gameplay. The digital assets will include specific characters, costumes, or items. 

In addition, Sony's "tracks digital assets associated with video games" system will enable the tracking of the history of digital assets. The tracking will include when, how, and by whom the digital asset was created. It will also include how it is "used, modified, rented, sold, purchased, licensed, exchanged, and other actions."


Sony's new patent is not its first attempt to foray into the web3 ecosystem. It recently launched PlayStation Stars, a loyalty scheme that enables players to earn rewards. Earning the reward is based on various online activities. 

However, the company clarified that the program is not related to NFTs. 

Furthermore, experts say there are still sketchy details about the new patent. There are, therefore, expectations that Sony will release a full document on this NFT patent. 

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