Cardano-based Metaverse Project “Cardalonia” Shows Huge Potential

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The Cardano Blockchain is getting ready for the upcoming Vasil hard fork combinator, which will go live on its mainnet in a few weeks.

With the network upgrade, we will see a wide range of new features being added to Cardano. These include stable coins and greater scalability for their blockchain with increased transaction speeds.

In the last few weeks, ADA has shown signs of growth. This is closely followed by Cardalonia – a metaverse play-to-earn project being developed on Cardano's ecosystem.

The $LONIA token has shown huge demand in the past weeks as it approaches its presale end. The number of tokens sold in the presale reached 70%, with less than 5 days left.

Interested investors who want to get on the presale and acquire $LONIA tokens at a discount before exchange listing can still do so.

Cardano Metaverse: What Is Cardalonia?

The Cardalonia metaverse is a web3 platform that offers entire interactions with NFTs and CNTs, powered by $LONIA.

You can play as a member of one clan or choose your own to represent, set collectibles into operations on land you control, and create attractive scenes for other players worldwide to buy. To experience Cardalonia and make money, you need to join a clan. Joining an existing avatar's group will quickly get your foot in the door, so you can start buying land easily.

Cardalonia Features

Immersive and Captivating Experiences: Players will have a unique opportunity to interact with their virtual characters and other gamers in an immersive environment.

Decentralization: The decentralized nature of Cardalonia makes it a haven for gamers who want to own their digital assets. You can buy, sell or trade NFTs just like real-life property.

Governance: In the future, Cardalonia will be an autonomous DAO where $LONIA token holders will decide its fate. They'll have a chance to participate in governance like never before- voting and being voted for.

Land: Players can now use their Lonia tokens to purchase land on Cardalonia. As a landlord, you'll be able to deploy your Avatar and assets freely within the new property.

$Lonia Token

$Lonia is a token of the Cardalonia metaverse built on the Cardano blockchain. As the fuel that powers the metaverse, this utility token also serves as its in-game currency.

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