Massive Outrage: Andrew Tate Comments Again On Launching Crypto, Calls Crypto Community “Degenerates”

In a recent podcast, Andrew Tate expressed negative views on cryptocurrency, calling the community "degenerates" and crypto itself a "lazy person's dream."
Massive Outrage: Andrew Tate Comments Again On Launching Crypto, Calls Crypto Community “Degenerates”

Key Insights

  • In a recent podcast, Andrew Tate expressed negative views on cryptocurrency, calling the community "degenerates" and crypto itself a "lazy person's dream."
  • Tate claims his earlier tweet about launching his own cryptocurrency was a joke and will not happen due to his "morals" and respect for his fans.
  • Tate believes crypto lacks the struggle and learning opportunities in traditional business ventures or even illegal activities like trading blood diamonds.
  • Tate's statement has been met with mixed reactions, with some defending the crypto community and highlighting its contributions.

Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer, "Top G" and self-proclaimed "most famous man in the world" has once again touched on the crypto subject, with nothing positive to say.

To summarize: He hates crypto, and he thinks everyone involved in it is a loser.

This made for an interesting conversation because Tate previously tweeted about launching his own "$Top G/$Tate" coin earlier this month.

"I will never sell out my fans"

In a recent edition of the Disruptors Podcast hosted by Rob Moore, Tate

who is known for his controversial opinions about everything from money to women to masculinity, made his stance on crypto clear.

Andrew Tate on crypto | Source: <a href='' target='_blank' rel='noreferrer noopener'><u>Twitter</u></a>
Andrew Tate on crypto | Source: Twitter

Tate explained on the podcast that while he likes to mess with the crypto community, he will never launch his own coin.

And the reason for this, he explains, is because of his fans.

Tate mentioned that the crypto community is a group of "the biggest degenerate losers on the planet" who have no skills, no benefit to society, and no lessons learned from their gambling.

"I do not want my fans to ever lose money in my name, ever. I refuse to sell out my fans for money. I am not Logan Paul, I will not do that."

Crypto Is The Lazy Person's Dream

Tate is mostly known for his love of "the hustle", and has spoken on several podcasts and interviews about " having the willingness to struggle and go through pain to succeed in life".

Because of this, it came as no surprise when he referred to crypto as "a lazy person's dream".

"Crypto is the only scenario I can think of where you can make a whole bunch of money while benefitting society zero. […]

Somebody can take $100 and make a million dollars and benefit society 0%, they never help anyone at any point, and they never learn any lessons along the way."

Tate also compared crypto to other ways of running a business, in which he says that people learn valuable skills like taxes, public speaking, stress management, etc.

To add insult to injury, Tate also mentioned that illegal businesses like trading blood diamonds, are better than crypto, because "at least it benefits someone" 

"It is the lazy person's dream to buy a sh*tcoin, it blows up, then get rich with no work," Tate said. "The world is cyclical, because there's no light without dark, because God is just, these people always end up broke because they never learn any skills, and they give no net benefit to the universe."

Sorry Folks! No Top G Coin

Recall that sometime this month, Tate also posted a now-deleted tweet in which he stated that he planned to launch his own coin, back it with $100 million of his personal fortune, and then let members of his "Hustler's University get in early at a discount.

The top G coin
The top G coin

During the podcast with Rob Moore, Tate dismissed this idea altogether, stating that it was "just a joke" and "a way to troll the crypto community".

"I love to play games with them because they would love me to launch a coin because they'd make a bunch of money.

But I will not do that, because I have morals, and I have ethics, and I have standards, and I have dignity, and I have honour, and I have respect, and I have integrity, and I have all the things that crypto Twitter does not have."

Overall, while everyone has a right to an opinion, some would argue that Tate's stance on crypto might be flawed at best.

Crypto does have thousands of smart investors, innovators, traders and enthusiasts, crypto is not a "get rich quick" scheme, and crypto certainly does have ethics and standards.

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