Crypto ‘Rug Pull’ Mastermind Arrested in Central African Republic, Associates Absconds

Crypto ‘Rug Pull’ Mastermind Arrested in Central African Republic, Associates Absconds
  • Investors, including high-level politicians, were left out of pocket as the operators of Clé du Succès crypto firm vanished.
  • Bryan Ndikum, a Cameroon national, was arrested as a suspect for his  involvement in the scam.
  • The masterminds flee after fake reports of an armed attack, taking over $1.6 million worth of crypto and fiat.

The volatile nature of cryptocurrency and other digital assets has made it easy for online theft by unscrupulous individuals. 

Central African Republic Clamps Down on Fraudulent Crypto Firm, Clé du Succès

The law enforcement authorities in the Central African Republic have clamped down on the masterminds of a rug pull arresting one and others fleeing in an outrageous online theft of hundreds of citizens. High level politicians, civil servants and other individuals were all affected in this theft.

The alleged crypto firm that scammed individuals in Central African Republic is known as Clé du Succès ("key to success"). The firm disappeared overnight after duping their victims of their money.

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Crypto market cap, Source: Trading View

According to a report by the media outlet, Journal de Bangui, it was gathered that the police arrested a man named Bryan Ndikum, a Cameroon national, in Berberati who is allegedly one of the masterminds. 

The law enforcement officers also believed that Ndikum was sent by his associates to establish another scam crypto firm under the name Clé du Succès in Bangui, the country's capital, to further defraud unsuspecting investors, where he was eventually caught.

Further investigations have revealed that Ndikum's associates are likely from Cameroon and Nigeria, and they have since fled the country. 

Will the CAR Rug Pull Masterminds' Face Justice?

The rug pull masterminds created a false cryptocurrency advertising company to defraud unsuspecting investors. However, since his arrest, Ndikum is yet to be indicted, but it is reported that he will likely face "fraud and breach of trust." 

In order to scam their victims, the Clé du Succès crypto firm made use of Bitcoin logos for their marketing and lied to investors that they would earn a total of 20% on their investments with the firm.

The Clé du Succès team reportedly duped and disappeared with over $1.6 million worth of crypto and fiat currencies from victims who never had a clue. 

A visit to the firm's physical office by media companies and outlets was met with silence and closed doors. It was reported that the doors to the offices had been closed for over a week, giving ample time for the perpetrators to abscond before the authorities could apprehend them.

In fact, the other staff members and clients have all been left in uncertainty. 

Crypto has been a hot topic in the Central African Republic

The use of cryptocurrency has been a major topic in the Central African Republic for several years, with more people getting interested and investing in digital assets. From last year to now, the country has seen a steady increase in the investment of crypto across the country.

Just last year, the government of the country announced the full acceptance and adoption of BTC and other crypto coins as legal tender in the country. This move marked a significant step in the advancement of crypto in other countries around the world, just as it was also done in El Salvador a few years ago.

Sadly, the use of BTC was short-lived as the country's National Assembly revoked the decree to allow BTC as a legal tender in the country.

The cryptocurrency landscape is one of incredible promise and innovation, but it's not without its pitfalls, as exemplified by the Clé du Succès incident in the Central African Republic.

While this emerging financial technology has garnered interest from citizens and even official recognition, it has also become a breeding ground for fraudulent activities.

The rug pull perpetrated by this rogue crypto firm, leaving behind high-level politicians and citizens who fell victim to their deceit, is a stark reminder of the need for robust oversight and enforcement in the crypto space.

Concluding thought 

The Central African Republic has taken swift action to bring the rug-pull culprits to book by arresting one of its own, Bryan Ndikum.

With these arrests by the authorities, it has become clear that there is no room to tolerate unscrupulous individuals looking to defraud crypto investors due to their volatile nature.

It is believed that the arm of the law will also catch the other suspects on the run.

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