Crypto Fund Manager Australian Firms to Invest More in Digital Assets

Crypto Fund Manager Australian Firms to Invest More in Digital Assets

The world-famous crypto fund manager Henrik Andersson claims institutions might soon change their stance on digital assets and the crypto ecosystem from the earlier conservative one. 

The Australian crypto fund manager believes though there is a spike in the crypto market and exchanges in Australia, some institutions are still not quite there.

For instance, institutions dealing with retirement funds or family offices are yet to adapt to the crypto ecosystem and embrace it wholeheartedly.

According to Andersson, smaller institutions in Australia are yet to catch up with the digital currency exchange system as a lot of education is still ongoing. 

Apollo Capital's Latest Digital Asset Launch

Andersson is seen making several claims on crypto investments and the participation of Australian institutions as the crypto fund manager of Apollo Capital. Apollo Capital is a platform that offers crypto investment opportunities to family businesses and investors. The company also launched the Apollo Capital Frontier Fund, a decentralized finance (DeFi), focussing on a Non-fungible Token infrastructure. Andersson is confident of the new sentiment hitting the Australian institutions. 

Andersson Optimistic about Digital Assets

Though Andersson believes the rate of participation of Australian firms in the digital space is limited, they will soon change their stance on the crypto ecosystem.

Of course, nobody wants to risk their returns and invest in a dynamic market. However, with greater education on crypto exchanges and rising prices, the investments no more look far-fetched.

Additionally, several Australian banking firms like the ANB and others show considerable interest and participation in digital assets, marking the scope for a thriving crypto market. 

Can Bear Market Dig the Grave

While Andersson looks overly optimistic about the growing participation of Australian firms, one cannot deny the bearish market and reduced investments.

However, the bearish market does not look like a red flag in Andersson's vision. While the bear market affected investment and returns, several companies like JP Morgan and others are writing extensive reports on the crypto market.

Further, the strategy changed from selling to buying digital assets in the crypto market. However, such changes in investor attitude or overall market dynamics play no role in pushing Australian firms away from the crypto ecosystem. Needless to say, Australia's attitude towards digital assets is only to improve henceforth. 

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