Crypto Scammers Using A New Technique in 2023: Be Wary of These Clickbaits

Web3 scams Voice of crypto
Web3 scams Voice of crypto

Key Insights:

  • Crypto scam websites are operating under disguise of government websites.
  • Such websites make users enter their wallet details or sign up under false pretext.
  • In this process, they access and steal funds from users.
  • Users can prevent losses by identifying false websites through SSL, using reputed browsers and following password hygiene.

Crypto scammers have been using several strategies now, but lately they have been click baiting unsuspecting users into believing that the scam websites are actually government sites which are offering crypto advice.

In this article we will discuss the way these phishing websites work, how to identify them and ways to stay safe from them.

The Rise of Tech Enabled Crypto Scammers

Websites that we see on the internet are accessed by domains, like Voice of Crypto can be accessed by entering "". Government websites are also accessed in a similar way.

However, from time to time, some government websites change their names and hence, they also need to change to a domain name that resonates with their new name.

Old domains are simply dropped or deleted that any other person can register for themselves, depending on rules from country to country. Scammers are buying these dropped domains from domain registrars and impersonating government bodies.

Several such scam websites were caught in India, Egypt, Nigeria and Colombia. Let us have a look at few of them. Here are a few examples:

<em>Crypto Scammers and Disguised Websites</em>, Source
Crypto Scammers and Disguised Websites, Source

The first website claims to be of Nigerian Postal Service but actually takes users to a site which asks them to perform a MetaMask sign in. Upon signing in, these scammers steal funds from users.

MetaMask's response to such websites was that with the growth of crypto and Web3, there have been a lot of scope for hackers and scammers to lure unsuspecting users.

MetaMask has also started a campaign to alert users when entering or signing in into a deceptive website.

<em>MetaMask Alerts Against Crypto Scammers</em>
MetaMask Alerts Against Crypto Scammers

Users are highly encouraged to report such websites on:

This will not only prevent others from getting lured by crypto scammers but also will help regulators acting on such criminal activity.

How to Identify such Websites?

It is not very difficult to identify any website that poses as a government entity. Here are a few pointers that can help you in staying safe from such crypto scammers.

  • First of all, no government would advise you to buy crypto, even if they do, they will spread these communications through all their channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, local media, television and other similar platforms.

    Therefore, always double check if there has been any announcement regarding crypto through multiple channels. Genuine announcements will definitely be covered by well known crypto media agencies.
  • Secondly, the easiest way to identify a crypto scammer website is to check whether its SSL is valid or not. If there is any issue with SSL, it will be detected by an advanced web browser like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or any other well known browser. This is true even if the SSL appears to be valid by appearance.
<em>A Warning by Microsoft Edge on a Suspicious Website, Source</em>
A Warning by Microsoft Edge on a Suspicious Website, Source
  • Finally, make sure to use proper security measures. Never enter your private keys, seed phrases and passwords in unknown websites. There is no entity that guarantees the safety of your funds, at least in the world of Web3.

Staying Safe From Crypto Scammers with Voice of Crypto

Voice of Crypto has alerted users of several known and unknown crypto scams throughout its existence. We will continue to post such articles that will help users in detecting crypto scammers and their various ways of operating so that users remain alert and possibly save their funds.

Disclaimer: Voice of Crypto aims to deliver accurate and up-to-date information, but it will not be responsible for any missing facts or inaccurate information. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile financial assets, so research and make your own financial decisions.

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