CZ Binance vs ChatGPT: Who wins?

CZ Binance vs ChatGPT: Who wins?

Key Insights:

  • In recent news, Binance has claimed that it is the target of an alleged misinformation scheme by OpenAI and ChatGPT
  • According to reports, ChatGPT claimed that Changpeng CZ Zhao, the co-founder of Binance was a member of the CNPC in the 1990s
  • GPT also claimed that CZ is an official member of the Chinese Communist Party

ChatGPT, a language model created by Open AI, despite its popularity, has become the target of several topics of scrutiny.

In fact, the Chatbot's almost eerie ability to produce text that resembles human speech has amazed and also frightened experts and consumers alike.

Experts worry that this technology may be used as a weapon to spread false narratives, create fake news, and propagate other types of misinformation.

The use of AI chatbots for misinformation is a growing problem, according to a recent article in The New York Times.

The media outlet has highlighted the potential harm that these sophisticated AI systems might do when used improperly and emphasizes the urgency of Binance's allegations.

In recent news, however, Binance has become the target of an alleged misinformation scheme in Washington, DC.

The crypto exchange has specifically alleged that the AI Chatbot is being used to spread misinformation about it, as part of a larger campaign to damage its reputation and have a detrimental impact on its commercial operations.

Binance Attacks GPT

Binance's allegations have come just as artificial intelligence is starting to become popular and experts are starting to warn of the dangers that these cutting-edge chatbots may bring.

These AI systems, among their other use cases, may be used to propagate misinformation and sway public opinion, which raises questions about how malicious individuals can abuse them.

According to reports, the chief strategy officer of Binance, Patrick Hillman asked about CZ's membership in the Youth League Committee of the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) in dialogue with the OpenAI chatbot platform.

Chart showing GPT's response
Chart showing GPT's response

ChatGPT claimed that he (CZ) was a member of the CNPC when employed for the corporation in the 1990s, citing public records.

When questioned about the source of this information, ChatGPT said that it was from CZ's "LinkedIn" page. Additionally, it stated that numerous news articles and interviews also contained this information.

Later, ChatGPT drew attention to CZ's interview with Forbes, in which CZ discussed his previous employment with CNPC.

According to ChatGPT's fabricated LinkedIn page, CZ identified himself as a "Software Developer" while working for CNPC.

Binance Responds

Binance has taken several actions in response to the alleged "smear campaign" to stop the spread of false information.

Hillman, in a tweet, recently fired back at ChatGPT with some details about the chat in question. He accused ChatGPT of using data from a CZ LinkedIn profile that simply didn't exist, as well as an imaginary Forbes article.

In its communication with media organizations and decision-makers, Binance expressed its concerns and offered proof of the misinformation campaigns.

To look into the source of these attacks, Binance has also hired security specialists.

Additionally, Binance is closely collaborating with legal teams to investigate all available legal options for taking action against the campaign's organizers.

AI Versus Crypto War?

The accusations made by Binance against ChatGPT have significant repercussions for the whole Bitcoin market.

Binance's being hit with an alleged misinformation campaign from an AI application, with its position as a market leader may serve as a caution to future blockchain-based companies.

This leads to the question of whether an all-out war between these two industries may ever happen.

This is unlikely, because both industries complement, rather than contradict each other. The recent allegations made by Binance against Open AI and ChatGPT may only be happenstance or as a result of errors in GPT's training.

At the end of the day, both industry players must work together to establish a secure digital environment for tech businesses, cybersecurity professionals, legislators, and media groups.

The techniques for assuring AI's ethical and safe usage must advance together with the technology itself.

To reduce the likelihood of misuse, researchers and developers must concentrate on improving the security measures already present in AI systems.

This may entail creating algorithms that can instantly recognize and filter out false information as well as adding moral principles into the construction of AI models.

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