Did Crypto Proponent John McAfee Fake His Own Death?

Did Crypto Proponent John McAfee Fake His Own Death?

The release of the Netflix documentary Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee spun several questions about the mysterious death of John McAfee. While filmmakers are busy investigating the reasons for John McAfee's suicide, many questioned, "Is he dead?"

Samantha Herrara Claims McAfee Is Alive

In an interview with McAfee's ex-girlfriend Samantha Herrera by the documentary's director, she claims McAfee to be still alive. She also claimed the crypto evangelist to be residing in Texas. Samantha further went on to narrate a shocking incident after the death.

According to the interview, Samantha is seen saying she received a call from McAfee. It is from this call that Samantha knows he was in Texas and paid people to pretend he was dead. McAfee claimed only three people knew he was alive and asked her to flee with him. 

Mcafee and Samantha: a Bitter-Sweet Tale

Samantha Herrrera highlighted their relationship in the interview. She claims she met John at the age of 18 and lived in Belize. However, their neighbor was shot one day, marking the end of their relationship. John was the prime suspect in the murder.

He was also known for his fights with Gregory Faull, the neighbor who was shot. John suffered a heart attack and shifted to the USA, followed by being arrested; there was the final nail to the coffin. However, she also mentioned her vulnerable position owing to John's misdeeds. 

Mcafee's Wife Still Looking for His Body

The documentary on John McAfee shows him marrying an ex-prostitute, Janice Dyson. However, he had to flee to Europe soon after marriage because of his excessive debts. He was later arrested in Spain, where he spent the last few years of his life. He committed suicide in prison in June 2021.

However, his tweet before his death spurred further controversy. In his last Twitter post, McAfee mentioned if he hanged himself in prison, it would not be 'his own doing'.

Meanwhile, McAfee's wife, Janice, is still trying to get his body from a morgue in Spain, even after a year of his death. This has further strengthened the belief of conspiracy theorists. They claim there is no real body in the morgue. 

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