Facebook Parent Meta Takes a Deep Dive in the NFT Space

Facebook Parent Meta Takes a Deep Dive in the NFT Space

Social media giant Meta is set to launch its new NFT sharing feature amongst Facebook and Instagram users in the US.

The platform announced experiments and deliberations on the project in May 2022 and finally launched it in September. Facebook and Instagram users can now connect their profiles with their online wallets and share digital collectibles across their profiles. 

Meta's NFT Expansion 

While Meta's new NFT initiative began as a successive move to its expansion of Non-fungible tokens (NFT) to 100 countries, including Africa, America, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. Though the new project targets the Facebook and Instagram users of the USA explicitly, people from the previous 100 countries will be able to share their collectibles on Instagram. No wonder the NFT feature is a revolutionary move in the history of social media. 

Evidently, Meta is constantly striving and investing in Metaverse projects with an initial amount of $10 billion. The platform is also expected to launch supercomputers to enhance the project's efficiency. 

NFT Sharing Guide for Users

Though the new NFT sharing feature might look challenging, it is pretty straightforward in reality. All the user has to do, is update their Facebook or Instagram apps with the latest app update. Once complete, they must go to "Settings" and select the "Digital Collectibles" option from the drop-down menu. This option would help one connect to their preferred wallet. 

To summarize, one has to go through the drop-down menu's options and navigate accordingly. The app offers clear instructions for connecting your wallet and sharing your digital collectibles. Once users connect with their wallets, they can select the NFTs they would like to post on Instagram. Evidently, this looks like one of the most happening moves Meta undertook to heighten the user experience. 

How to Post NFTs on Facebook

Once users connect to their wallets, they can post NFTs on their Instagram and Facebook profiles.

The Mark Zuckerberg-owned platform also hints at third-party wallet integrations soon. These would include platforms like Rainbow, MetaMask, and similar others. At present, the platform offers Ethereum and Polygon blockchain support. However, the current options are yet to expand. 

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