Global Crypto Adoption Sees 320,000,000 Users: Triple A Report

Global Crypto Adoption Sees 320,000,000 Users: Triple A Report

Crypto users worldwide have been on a steady incline for some time now. The influx of new users into the market, both on retail and institutional sides, was triggered by Bitcoin's bull run in 2021, which saw its price reach as high as $69,000. With more than 320M crypto users worldwide, it's no wonder that this new digital currency is catching on like wildfire. 

United States Takes the Lead

Recently, the United States has seen one of the most rapid adoptions of cryptocurrencies. According to Triple A, Crypto is becoming increasingly popular, with over 46 million crypto users in America. This is more evident in a region where more than 80% of crypto ATMs are installed. Therefore, Crypto users comprise 13.74% of the United States population.

The second-ranked country in terms of crypto adoption is India. Reports claim that there has been a sudden rise in cryptocurrency among Indian people who think crypto is the new gold. There are now more than 27 million crypto enthusiasts. However, this only makes up about 2% of the Indian population. Pakistan ranks third with more than 26 million crypto users. This means that 11% of the country's population is active on cryptocurrency platforms.

Total crypto market cap chart | Source: TradingView
Total crypto market cap chart | Source: TradingView

Nigeria unsurprisingly takes 4th place. In a time when people's wealth is being depreciation by double-digit inflation, some have turned to cryptocurrency as an alternative. In a country with more than 22.3 million users, 10.34% of the population uses cryptocurrencies.

In 5th position is Vietnam, with over 20.2 million crypto users. But it is the country with the largest percentage of the population using crypto, with 20.27%. China is 6th with 19.88 million, and Brazil is 7th with 16.65 million. Russia, Indonesia, and South Africa complete the top 10 with 14.6 million, 12.23 million, and 7.7 million, respectively.

Crypto Users Rule the Continents

The United States is the leading control-by country, but when you look at it from a continental perspective, the West is quickly dethroned. In addition, it seems that Asians have taken the lead in this regard.

The data shows that Asia has 130 million crypto users. At the same time, the African continent has 53 million users. North America ranks 3rd with 51 million users. Europe follows with 43 million, and South America with 27 million. Oceania hosts over 1 million users.

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