Here’s How Blockchain Technology Can Change Weather Forecast Accuracy

Here’s How Blockchain Technology Can Change Weather Forecast Accuracy

With blockchain and crypto manifesting themselves in every sector of the economy, weather prediction is no different.  A team of engineers from Athens aims to bring blockchain and crypto to local weather prediction centers through the company WeatherXM.

The initiative aims to offer blockchain-based data and crypto token incentives to promote accurate weather forecasting. 

Blockchain to Resolve Incorrect Forecasting

WeatherXM CEO Manolis Nikiforakis mentioned the inconsistencies in weather forecasting globally. The company is set to decentralize weather data by linking it to blockchain smart contracts and motivating weather enthusiasts to report on local weather conditions.

WeatherXm's strategy will resolve the challenges in weather forecasting

A New Dawn in Weather Forecasting

As crazy as it may sound, blockchain technology can help accurate weather mapping and forecasting. With every latitude and longitude having varying weather conditions, data recording and weather prediction has been the greatest challenges of all times.

With WeatherXm's blockchain technology, this is made simpler. The company's founding members claim to set up community-based weather prediction centers to remove the inconsistencies in previous weather prediction tools and approaches.

It has set up 700 power stations in the US and Europe. The company aims to expand its power stations globally, increasing the numbers to 2700. 

According to the founding members, the blockchain and crypto strategy in weather forecasting is based on the central tenet of decentralization.

Depending on satellites and generic weather reports,  forecasts often compromise the accuracy of the reports. This initiative aims to remove it.

According to them, the "By the people, for the people" approach will improve weather report accuracy and incentivize their efforts. 

From agriculture to industrial activities, false weather reports often cause stunted economic growth, leaving behind the farmers as its worst victims.  WeatherXM's blockchain technology and crypto incentives can resolve such issues. 

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