Here’s How Crypto Space Will Get 1 Billion Users by 2030

Here’s How Crypto Space Will Get 1 Billion Users by 2030

Cryptocurrencies are less adopted as popular means of investment than bonds and equities. A report documented by the Boston Consultancy Group (BCG), Bitget, and Foresight Ventures put forth several interesting facts and figures about the growing popularity of crypto amongst investors.

According to the report, there exists a wide disparity in the wealth invested in equities versus crypto, where the former accounts for 25% and the latter 0.3%. However, this disparity will likely reduce with the number of cryptocurrency users striking the I billion mark by 2030.

While there has been a stark growth in the popularity of crypto assets, the report by BCG claims individual investors to be the most prominent and the biggest crypto holders, with Hedge Fund and Venture capital firms to be the most interested ones in investing.

South Asia to Lead in Adoption

With the maturity of the South Asian crypto regulations, countries like India, Thailand, and Vietnam are expected to grow as the largest markets in terms of crypto trading value ranging from 2%-3%.

Cryptocurrencies have recently caught the eye of young traders who derive and analyze market trends based on social media information. Thus, social media platforms have played a key role in influencing their investment decisions along helping them connect with other traders globally.

Crypto Derivatives and Spot Trading Statistics

There has been a significant rise in the global crypto spot trading volume and derivatives trading, accounting for $3.2 trillion and $6.3 trillion, respectively, in 2022.

The Web 3.0 applications using blockchain technology have also skyrocketed from 800 in 2017 to 10,000 in 2022, indicating the overall increased popularity of digital assets.

Global spot and derivatives trading accounts for 1% in Africa and 4% in the Middle East, with Turkey being one of the leading countries, followed by Saudi Arabia. South Africa and Nigeria have also been close competitors in this field, soon after the former.

While all these countries are expected to increase their crypto investments, BCG's report claims North America is expected to lead with approximately $18000 cryptocurrency holding. In contrast, Africa is likely to be at the lowest with a $190 approximate crypto holding.

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