Indian Crypto Exchange Introduces a New & Improved Customer Centric Feature

Indian Crypto Exchange Introduces a New & Improved Customer Centric Feature

Key Insights:

  • India's largest cryptocurrency exchange presents a Profit-And-Loss (P&L) Function.
  • The new feature seeks to improve the customer experience while trading with WazirX.
  • Users can now analyze and calculate their profit and loss on WazirX

India's largest cryptocurrency exchange (by trade volume), WazirX, has introduced a profit & Loss (P&L) function for its customers to analyze and calculate their investments. 

According to Rajagopal Menon, WazirX's vice-president of marketing, the new feature has a separate category— for the impacts of events aside from trades. These categories include coins that a user receives as referral rewards, crypto withdrawals, penalties, and rewards. 

It is important to know that many crypto enthusiasts in India have been anticipating the P&L function. It was initially for beta testing, and users had the privilege of using it and dropping their reviews. 

The reviews showed the need for WazirX to introduce it to all customers due to the user's enthusiasm. Before the rollout to all users, the product team said they refined and improved the features. These improvements were in line with users' feedback and suggestions. 


Features of the New Profit & Loss Function

The new feature will enable WazirX users to view their portfolios and consider important metrics. These trading metrics include the absolute P&L, average buy for every asset, etc. The new function will enable the users to customize the "P&L view" for the tokens. 

Additionally, the function comes with a WazirX calculator that considers the average buy price, unrealized profit, and loss. Other things that you can identify with the calculator include the invested value.

Similarly, the product team said the new feature has a simple but powerful user experience (UX) design. Users can customize their "P&L view" for the assets and tokens in their portfolio.  

Profit & Loss Function
Profit & Loss Function

The WazirX team said the add-on function is an important and customer-centric feature. It will help to improve the trading experience. 

Furthermore, users can see how much money they have made and lost when using the exchange to make crypto transactions. It reduces the time you spend manually calculating gains and losses after viewing the trade report. 

Rajagopal Menon summarised the details of the profit and loss function.  He said,

To ensure that our traders have a wider outlook while they invest in assets, we are aware about the performance of their portfolio holdings so that they can easily plan their next move in the market."

He ended the statement by saying,

We have introduced the much-anticipated P&L feature." 

The profit and loss function undoubtedly seeks to improve the customer experience using the WazirX platform. Users can use an automatic calculator to measure their profit and loss while trading. 

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