Jack Dorsey-backed Decentralized Social Network Gets Staggering Response

Jack Dorsey-backed Decentralized Social Network Gets Staggering Response

Key Insights

  • Bluesky plans new strategy for social networks
  • Ex-Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, is at the forefront of this innovation

Bluesky, an enterprise established by Twitter co-founder and ex-CEO Jack Dorsey, disclosed a roadmap concerning decentralized protocol for social networks.

For a while, discussions over censorship on social media platforms have raged intensely. Therefore, the Bluesky protocol plans to prohibit big corporations and government bodies from maintaining control of social media outlets.

Jack Dorsey
Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey and Bluesky

The genesis of Bluesky came about in 2019 when Dorsey was still CEO at Twitter. Then, he built a faction with other firm employees to establish a project that could be utilized as a rationale to bring about more decentralization to social networks.

An avid enthusiast of BTC and the concepts of decentralization, it was surprising when he left the initiative. However, this didn't deter Bluesky from moving forward with its plan.

He launched a decentralized social media website called Authenticated Transfer Protocol (AT Protocol), defined as a "protocol for large-scale distributed social applications." Next to it, a waiting list was published for their app — a browser to access the future protocol. The project picked attention quickly, with several users signing up to be the first to have contact with this new social media version.

The AT Protocol will work separately from the actions of regulatory bodies and huge companies. Also, it guarantees increased protection of user data, interoperability, account portability, improved performance, and algorithmic choice — comparable to how users working with web search engines can easily select their indexers.

Connection Between Social media Networks

Beyond being a trailblazer in the social media space, another motive of Bluesky is to facilitate joint compatibility between social networks. This way, Whatsapp videos, for instance, can be shared and utilized on TikTok and vice versa – as long as both platforms follow the AT Protocol.

To enable such interoperability between these networks, Bluesky created a platform called "Lexicon." It is used to promote the connection between the apps and websites of each social media.

"The world needs a diverse market for connected services to ensure healthy competition," said their team. 

Jack Dorsey congratulated his former Bluesky teammates on the successful launch. He had earlier wanted Twitter — who now face an unpredictable future — to follow in the model of Bluesky. 

Twitter, in its stead, has delved into web3. They partnered with Stripe to integrate their payment model of crypto, USDC, to content creators. Yet their future remains uncertain and hangs in the balance. It was widely expected that billionaire and Tesla founder Elon Musk would be the new owner.

This came after news broke that he's the company's largest shareholder (9%). But that hasn't happened, and neither has any new owner emerged.

Dorsey had spoken against social networks that are only pro-profit, explaining that Twitter "cannot have an advertising model" and "a centralized entity behind it."

Final Thoughts

Bluesky's launch comes in a period where there are controversies around censorship on the largest social media networks in the world. 

There is a discrepancy between those who think considerable regulation is needed around these platforms. In contrast, others uphold the right to free expression, even if it is at controversial levels.

Bluesky aims to prevent large companies and government bodies from having a maximum influence on social media.

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