MetaMask Issues Warning on Fake Airdrop Rumors

Airdrop crypto
Airdrop crypto

Key Insights:

  • MetaMask dispels rumors of an airdrop it is purportedly sponsoring
  • This rumor has been spreading across several social media channels
  • MetaMask warned users against it via Twitter

MetaMask has come out to challenge rumors that have been trending on social media that there's a planned native token airdrop slated for March 31. They made an announcement on Twitter to dismiss the unfounded gossip.

The tweet warned that,

"These rumors are not only false, but they are dangerous. They create opportunities for scammers and phishers."

They further encouraged their followers to "be on the lookout for fake sites."

MetaMask affirms that there is no token Airdrop 

Previously, there have been many accounts that have been impersonating MetaMask and promoting the fake airdrop. 

The rumor reportedly started around March 26 from a social media user, "eezzy," before Degenscan leader, "serp1337," further escalated it. It alleged that insider info insinuated that the crypto wallet would screenshot user transactions on March 31 before a 2024 airdrop.

MetaMask's software developer, Dan Finlay, commented that "a bunch of people who don't know what they're talking about" are the ones behind the rumors. He further said, "The phishers will probably be out in force that day. Please take your FOMO vaccines now."

However, there is a possibility that this rumor is self-inflicted.


How did the Rumors Start?

As far back as November 2021, ConsenSys — MetaMask's parent company — CEO and co-founder Joseph Lubin tweeted, "Wen $MASK? Stay tuned," supposedly hinting at a token launch. A news outlet then alleged that MetaMask planned to launch a token, and other outlets picked up the report.

This didn't come without repercussions. A month after, a decentralized exchange was hacked to make it seem as though a WETH/MASK trading pair was in existence. So many victims had their funds stolen in the aftermath.

This has not been the only scam incident.

Earlier this year, in January, the company warned their users about the issue of 'Address Poisoning.' A statement read,

Address poisoning is an attack vector, that in contrast to other scams — which often use methods that have served many scammers so well, such as unlimited token approvals, phishing for your Secret Recovery Phrase, etc. — relies on user carelessness and haste above all else."

This attack tricks users into sending funds to the swindler rather than the recipient.

Therefore, crypto enthusiasts and investors have been advised to take precautions. MetaMask has irrefutably denied any impending token airdrop and has asked its users to remain vigilant in case of false news.

Metamask, the crypto wallet
Metamask, the crypto wallet

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