PEPE Is Ready to Pump: Meme Token Mania To Begin Soon?

PEPE Is Ready to Pump: Meme Token Mania To Begin Soon?

Key Insights

  • The crypto market is starting to turn green, which is providing a bullish environment for $PEPE.
  • Analyst Ali has predicted that $PEPE is about to pump,
  • An unknown whale just spent $1 million worth of USDC to buy 807 billion tokens
  • If Ali's prediction is correct and the coin does pump to $0.00000159, the whale who bought 807 billion tokens would make nearly $300,000 worth of profit.

The coin is about to enter a phase of massive bullishness, and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

When this cryptocurrency first launched, it quickly made waves and news headlines because of how quickly it pumped. $PEPE's debut was so impressive that it only took a quarter of the time Dogecoin took to reach the $1 billion market cap milestone (even with Elon Musk's backing).

The new memecoin in the playground may not be done with surging in price, and here are some of the most glaring signs of that:

Analyst Predicts PEPE Price Explosion

The crypto market is starting to show good signs of green on a general level, with Bitcoin poised to break through the $29,700 signal level very soon.

The crypto market turning green
The crypto market turning green

All of this, along with the upcoming CPI release has provided the perfect environment for several cryptocurrencies to pump, and The coin is one of them.

According to a tweet from the analyst and crypto trading expert, Ali on Twitter, "$PEPE looks ready to pump".

Citing the TD sequential indicator in the tweet, the analyst noted that The coin is flashing a buy signal, with the first target being the $0.00000138 mark.

PEPE's price targets
PEPE's price targets

The analyst went further to say that if $PEPE were to break above this target and sustain itself above, another price rally straight up to $0.00000159 would be imminent.

And for now, the price level to keep an eye out for is the $0.00000113 mark.

PEPE Is Ready For Action!

Optimism set in again this week, for fans of the coin as the cryptocurrency flashed the first real sign of bullishness since mid-July.

After hitting the $0.00000190 high in the cryptocurrency's initial glory days, The coin tried and failed to break through to the upside.

It wasn't long before the bears caught up to it and started to pull it under.

PEPE's disappointing decline
PEPE's disappointing decline

Before long, PEPE was at a 45% loss and was wallowing somewhere around $0.0000104. Investors hung up their boots, and the coin was starting to fade out of popularity.

However, it appears that the cryptocurrency has entered a bounce, and may now be targeting higher highs.

Bullish crossover on PEPE's daily RSI
Bullish crossover on PEPE's daily RSI

A good look at the chart's RSI above shows a new bullish crossover between the MACD line and the signal line.

The coin is now gravitating towards oversold conditions and is now reaching for neutral ground, where bulls and bears will be evenly poised to have a rematch.

PEPE approaches $0.00000138
PEPE approaches $0.00000138

If what Ali says is anything to go by, The coin looks very determined to hit the $0.00000138 zone.

And if the bulls can keep up the pressure against the bears, a break above this zone would signal another rally to the $0.0000159 zone.

Unknown Whale Splurges $1M Billions Of PEPE Tokens

According to the on-chain data tracking and analysis platform, LookOnChain, another whale seems to have some very high hopes for PEPE's price.

In a shared tweet, LookOnChain mentioned that a mysterious whale just spent $1 million worth of $USDC to buy 807 billion PEPE at an average price of $0.000001239 per token.

The tweet also mentioned that this whale bought the tokens right after PEPE's initial bounce in this transaction.

Whale Buys PEPE after pump
Whale Buys PEPE after pump

Let's do some quick math while we're at it.

Assume the analyst on Twitter, Ali is right, and a pump to $0.00000159 was on its way.

The coin currently sits at about $0.00000124. This means that a rally to $0.00000159 would be about a 28.7% increase from here as illustrated below.

PEPE's $28% rally to $0.00000159
PEPE's $28% rally to $0.00000159

If the price rally indeed plays out, this investor would be making nearly $300,000 worth of profit, from a single trade.

When an investor makes a purchase of this magnitude, they may only be gambling.

However, It simply demonstrates how confident they are in the token's potential, and how sure they are of its ability to rise very soon.

What do you think of PEPE's price action and predictions? Possible or otherwise?

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