Rémy Martin and Usher Launches Limited-Edition NFTs

Rémy Martin and Usher Launches Limited-Edition NFTs

The latest collaboration between US musical royalty 'Usher' and Cognac brand Rémy Martin is a unique, A.I.-powered limited edition 1738 Accord Royal NFTs. The NFTs come with an exclusive physical bottle, which looks beautiful and makes them more valuable than ever before.

BlockBar is the only place to get these fantastic and original NFTs. If you like drinking alcohol, BlockBar is a leading direct-to-customer (DTC) NFT marketplace for premium alcohol. Twenty-five unique NFTs are currently available at a discounted price of $500 (0.34 ETH) each, starting on July 29th.

Usher x Rémy Martin NFT Collection 

The first ever NFTs by Rémy Martin are here, and they form part of the wider "Usher x 1738: A Taste Of Passion" global campaign. This company has consistently provided premium spirits to people for over three hundred years. 

With a rich history that dates back to 1855, Remy Martin is now embracing the future of web3. Usher and Rémy have worked together with their creative twist to maintain luxury elements while maintaining prestige for this iconic cognac brand.

Originally there were 50 bottles, but now only 25 limited edition NFT (accompanied by physical bottles) are available for sale. Usher and his team will receive the remaining 25 bottles to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the My Way album.

The cutting-edge AI technology used to create these amazing NFTs is truly innovative. The bottle's artwork is an elegant blend of music and whisky. The new-age design features Usher's musical language and his experience working on the 1738 Accord Royal by Remy Martin Art Agents, Incorporated. 

The idea behind this design is that it highlights how important music, technology, and art are to us. Notably, before this NFT collection, Usher and Rémy Martin worked closely for almost a decade.

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