SEC Demands 300% Penalty from Ripple, Experts Allege Abuse of Power

The SEC has historically claimed around 11% of sales proceeds as a penalty in various cases of unregistered securities. However, in the case against Ripple, its demands were a bit exaggerated at 300%.
SEC, XRP, Voice of Crypto

SEC, XRP, Voice of Crypto

The Ripple vs SEC case is not over yet. The part that dealt with the retail XRP sales was won by Ripple. However, for the institutional XRP sales, the SEC still pursues an active case against the company and its executives.

The court of Southern District of New York ruled in July 2023 that the retail sales of XRP by Ripple could not be termed as security as they do not fulfil the criteria laid down by the Howey Test.

However, the judge also ruled that this decision of the court would not be applicable for the institutional sales since institutions might have some expectation of profits. The judge decided to hold separate judicial proceedings for this matter and it was scheduled for February 2024.

Prof. Verret Discovers SEC's Penalties were Much Greater for Ripple

Professor J.W. Verret who has been a well known critique of regulations discovered that the SEC's demand for penalty against Ripple were not only exaggerated but they were also much higher than similar cases in the past.

On an average the SEC demanded around 11% penalty which is imposed on the total value of the sales. This penalty had been $5 million for Kik Interactive whose sales were around $100 million. Another similar company, LBRY, was penalized for $111k based on $11 million worth of sales.

However, the SEC demanded much greater penalties in the case of crypto companies many of whom were asked to pay as much as 300% of sales.

The Open Network (TON) was asked to pay a whooping $1.24 billion (73%) in penalties for crypto sales worth $1.7 billion.

However, things went specially bad for Ripple as the researcher discovered that a fine of $1.95 billion was imposed which is 300% greater than the sales made. This is what made the researcher claim that the SEC was indeed abusing the power.

Crypto Community Reacts

A Twitter user commented that for the entire 2008 Financial Crisis, the SEC settled for just 50% of what it has been asking Ripple to pay. The user said that the 2008 Financial crisis wiped $13 trillion and was responsible for 9 million job losses.

Another user questioned the basis of such high penalties asking if these huge fines were based on past settled cases or were just arbitrary numbers.

A user on Reddit claimed that the US govt has been trying to plunder as much money as possible from anyone they could think of so that they could justify their outrageous spending.

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