Shiba Inu Becomes Second Most Secure Crypto Project After Polygon, Can SHIB Price Turn Bullish?

Shiba Inu Becomes Second Most Secure Crypto Project After Polygon, Can SHIB Price Turn Bullish?

Shiba Inu ranked second in the CertiK security Leaderboard in terms of its security, right after Polygon. In a world where crypto firms are rapidly trying to strengthen their security, Shiba Inu seems to have achieved that already. 

CertiK is one of the most well-known security companies in the crypto industry powered by Skynet.

The company claims Shiba Inu bagged 93% of votes from its users on its safety and security, indicating a great security infrastructure of the project.

One can regard such a certificate as valid, as CertiK is responsible for checking the security parameters of close to 3328 projects in the crypto market. No wonder the company has a $3654 billion market capitalization and is one of the most authentic companies one can rely on. 

Shiba Inu Bags Other Credits

While Shiba Inu ranked second highest for its security, this is not the first time CertiK offered the project similar certificates. The project received the most popular cryptocurrency certificate from CertiK's leadership board. Though it lags slightly behind Polygon, Shiba Inu ranks way ahead of other cryptocurrency projects like DecentraLand, PancakeSwap, Aave, etc. 

Shiba Inu's Robust Stance on Crypto thefts

The crypto industry is plagued by several scams, thefts, and phishing activities. No wonder the industry requires more robust technology and regulations to avoid such activities and promote investor safety. Inevitably, investors have lost several million dollars, sensitive data, and much more to the industry.

One can consider the growing security threats as an automatic consequence of the expansion of the crypto industry. However, that does not mean crypto firms and investors can give up. 

Shiba Inu is one of the first cryptocurrency projects to have gained the complete trust of investors, ranking the highest amongst the most watched crypto tokens.

The project implemented a robust security policy to combat cyber threats and protect the investors' information. Leading its way in the crypto world, several other companies are also investing in strengthening their security policies. It seems like the crypto industry will soon brush off its "unsafe" tag and offer a massive blow to scammers. 

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