Shiba Inu To Get a New “Identity” Hints Kusama

Shiba Inu To Get a New “Identity” Hints Kusama

Key Insights:

  • Anticipation grows as developers set the stage for the release of a 'unique SHIBA INU identity'.
  • The announcement made by Shiba's official X handle lights up the crypto world.
  • Shiba Inu is introducing a new digital identity protocol to give users control of their privacy.

The developers of Shiba Inu have created a buzz among its community and the crypto world at large with their unveiling of a "unique SHIB identity."

Shibtoken, which is the official X (formerly Twitter) handle of Shiba Inu, made a post recently and this has ignited the SHIB army, creating so much anticipation of what is to come soon.

Shiba Inu Catering Significant Change in Crypto?

The post mentioned a seismic shift in the blockchain world which is set to come to light in just about 72 hours from when the post was made.

A video was attached to a post made on the X handle, and it reveals the Shiba Inu logo placed against a concrete wall and designed with different graffiti-style writings on it.

The writings in the video included phrases like "SHIB NEWS," "WOOF!," "NEW SHIB PROJECT" and a link to "" To further create a spooky theme, the video was designed with a Halloween style and music. It also has a caption which reads: "A NEW ERA IS COMING SOON."

Shytoshi Kusama, the figure behind SHIB, which is the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency, also shared a post which hints at future developments with the potential to place SHIB as the focal point of a foundational element in a harmonious global landscape.

In Kusama's message, he emphasized on his vision to create a peaceful world using SHIB as the base or foundation and a network state.

To support the vision statement made by Shytoshi Kusama, developer Kaal Dhairya also posted on X that it is going to be the initial step toward a self-custodial identity.

Shiba Inu Announces Innovative Identity Shift

Earlier in August, there was an announcement of the plans made by the SHIB developers to begin the process of using digital identity services across all of SHIB platform applications. This announcement marks a significant point in the evolution of the use of SHIB.

The aim of introducing this self-sovereign identity (SSI) in their services is to allow users to get the full control of their identities in the digital space without depending on any intermediary or fear of it being revealed to third parties and authorized persons.  

The new identity protocol will also be integrated into Shibarium, which is the SHIB's Layer-2 network for added security.

Shytoshi Kusama has also emphasized that the integration of this digital identity into the  "Shib Super App" will be seamless. He made it clear about the continuous dedication of the Shiba Inu team in reinforcing decentralization.

4.4 Trillion SHIB Withdrawn from Bitvavo Exchange

Whale Alert raised awareness regarding the withdrawal of an immense 4,464,530,677,374 SHIB tokens from Bitvavo to an undisclosed wallet, equivalent to $33,914,658 in fiat currency.

However, subsequent information provided by Whale Alert revealed that the recipient wallet was, in fact, associated with Bitvavo. This transaction was thus an internal transfer within the cryptocurrency trading platform.

Bitvavo has been engaged in a series of substantial SHIB token transactions over the past couple of months to rebalance its cryptocurrency holdings. Whale Alert has also been monitoring transfers exceeding 4.3 trillion Shiba Inu tokens executed by anonymous digital wallets owned by cryptocurrency whales.

What's the way forward?

There are new developments on the horizon for Shiba Inu as its developers have continued to create anticipation all around. This anticipation is centered around the unveiling of a unique SHIB identity program which is set to change the game.

This announcement has since sparked excitement among surprised SHIB community members and the crypto world at large.

Shiba Inu also aims to provide users with an enhanced digital identity service and decentralization. This new integration is expected to give total control to users in safeguarding their identity from theft and unauthorized third parties.

These anticipated changes are set to redefine the role of SHIB in the blockchain landscape. It will also make it a focal point in a harmonious global network, as envisioned by Shiba Inu's prominent figure, Shytoshi Kusama and the development team. The crypto community at large awaits eagerly the arrival of this new era proclaimed by Shiba Inu and it is just 72 hours away.

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