Shiba Inu Returns as The Biggest Holding in Whales Portfolio

Shiba Inu Returns as The Biggest Holding in Whales Portfolio


  • A whale wallet recently purchased 71 Billion SHIB 
  • Shiba Inu returns as the largest whales holding

After purchasing 300 Billion SHIB on Tuesday, whales have purchased 71 billion meme tokens and almost a million MATIC. 

Whales have shown interest in Shiba Inu after buying 300 billion SHIB on Tuesday and 71 billion SHIB days apart. Despite an 11% drop in SHIB value over the past week, this is coming. 

The recent purchase has pushed SHIB to regain its original position after FTT as the largest whales' holding

In a tweet by WhaleStats, a whale with the wallet address "BlueWhale0073" recently bought 70,606,169,414 worth of SHIB, and the equivalent in value at the time of purchase was $1,440,365.

Further, aside from the purchase of 71 billion SHIB, the same whale wallet, "BlueWhale0073" bought 959 068 MATIC Tokens worth $1,024,285. 

SHIB Retains Its Position as Whale's Biggest Holding

Before now, Shina Inu was the second-largest Whale's holding, with FTT at the top. But with the recent purchase, Shiba Inu has regained its position as Whale's biggest holding in USD, which is among the biggest 100 whales.

For the first time in the last weeks, the SHIB stash held by the largest whales dropped below $1 Billion; the biggest 100 ETH wallet holds Shiba Inu worth $961,204,646, giving it a hold of 15.13% of whales' portfolio. 

FTT falls in second after Shiba Inu with $859,144,254 giving it a 13.52% of whales' portfolio. Meanwhile, MATIC has only 3.08% of Whale's portfolio with $196,079,926 worth in 100 Ethereum wallets' holdings.

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