1st Game Launched on Bitcoin Ordinals in 2024: All About SNES

1st Game Launched on Bitcoin Ordinals in 2024: All About SNES

Key Insights:

  • First game launched on Bitcoin by Ninja Alerts.
  • The news was shared by CEO Trevor Owens.
  • Owens also says that Bitcoin Layer-2 and Solana DApps might become the buzzword of 2024.

Ninja Alerts CEO Trevor Owens shared the news on X about a classic game called SNES which was created using Bitcoin Ordinals, which are information inscribed on a Satoshi.

Previously Ordinals were used as Bitcoin NFTs and were inscribed with text, images, audio, video and code. Lately there has also been a trend for the addition of custom made softwares too.

SNES Game Becomes The First Game on Bitcoin

Classic Game SNES (Superb Nintendo System Games) which was launched in 1991 has been modified and relaunched on Bitcoin by Ninja Alerts CEO and his team. The news was shared as a part of the launch of his company's book called the Pizza Ninjas.

The game can be played on a browser. Ninja Alerts has also launched a portfolio tracker for Bitcoin Ordinals. We expect the portfolio tracker might soon support in-game wins.

It has become the first game which can be played on Bitcoin. The building of this game on Bitcoin took 6 months to complete. Additional work piled up because the team had to integrate with each marketplace and blockchain explorers.

In a series of tweets, Owens claimed that this kind of inscription on a Satoshi is very difficult to imitate on the Ethereum blockchain. He went further to name this approach as the "Art as an Application".

#NOTE: Here the term application refers to software.

The Bitcoin based game can be played on any internet browser.

Reactions and Concerns

Most of the community seems to be happy on the launch of a classic game on the Bitcoin blockchain. Users were naming the game as the next generation of Bitcoin ordinals with names like "Ordinal Season Two".

However, there were also reactions from the community that it might result in copyright infringement and lawsuits.

Upon a little investigation we found that Nintendo System Games had a 95-year copyright which makes them difficult for others to launch. Since SNES were launched in 1991, the copyright exists till the year of 2086.

Since Nintendo is still in existence, legal actions might soon follow. However, it depends on their discretion on what course of action they deem fit.

Story of Bitcoin Ordinals

Though blockchain games are quite common in Ethereum which supports complex DApps, these were thought to be impossible for Bitcoin. This was because Bitcoin lacked smart contract capability.

However, this redundancy was removed after the introduction of Ordinal Theory which states that the smallest unit of Bitcoin, a Satoshi is capable of being inscribed with information and sent to anyone. This discovery led to the creation of first Ordinals by Casey Rodarmor in 2022.

Growth of Bitcoin Ordinals on which SNES Game in Based
Growth of Bitcoin Ordinals on which SNES Game in Based

Soon, Bitcoin Ordinals blew out of proportions and became even more popular than NFTs. As of 09 Jan 2023, there have been 54 million ordinals that are already created on Bitcoin's blockchain.

Major Predictions by Trevor Owens For 2024

Trevor also hinted at what might be the main theme in Web3 for the year of 2024 and for the current Bull-run cycle.

Layer-2 Solutions for Bitcoin

He hinted at the need for Bitcoin's very own Layer-2 Solution similar to Ethereum L2s. Currently, Bitcoin faces the same problems as Ethereum faced a few years ago. The Bitcoin network is clogged so much that transaction costs are nearing $5 very soon.

Yet, there has been no development of Bitcoin's scaling solutions. Lightning Network exists as an efficient Bitcoin scaling solution but it works well only with repeated transaction between two parties. I have observed that when you transact with a new person, Lightning Network costs are similar to Bitcoin.

Solana's Growth

His another hint was on Solana's consumer focused apps which has been the greatest gainer in terms of price as well as developmental activity.

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