How the Solana ChatGPT Plugin Enables it To Get On-chain Data

How the Solana ChatGPT Plugin Enables it To Get On-chain Data

Key Insights

  • Solana Lab launches ChatGPT plugin for its network users.
  • The ChatGPT Plugin will enable its users to retrieve on-chain data from their wallet, portfolio, and NFT collections.
  • Binance and other crypto firms have integrated artificial intelligence tools into their network. 

Since the launch of ChatGPT, it has gained massive traction and usage. Consequently, it has become a useful tool across various industries. 

It is on this premise that Solana network, a blockchain technology, seeks to integrate the Artificial intelligence tool in its blockchain data generation. This development came shortly after Solana announced that it would provide about $1 million in funding for projects that build their Artificial intelligence tools on Solana

Solana Lab's ChatGPT Plugin

In a bid to improve and ease interaction with their customers, Solana network is integrating the ChatGPT open-source plugin. The plugin will enable it to access wallet balances, transfer Solana tokens, and purchase NFTs. 

The details of the ChatGPT Plugin integration are contained in a tweet by Solana Labs. The blockchain development firm enjoined that developers test the Plugin using the open-source code— to retrieve on-chain data that interests them. 

It will be able to retrieve NFT collections owned by a particular Solana address and share an attached metadata link to such NFTs. Also, it is expected to source the NFT collection from Solana Lab's block explorer. 

The announcement and the available detail shows that the integration and data retrieval process is easy. That is, the new plugins will work by retrieving information from online sources and interacting with third-party websites— based on command requests by users.

While this feature is being rolled out to all Solana users, the blockchain firm did not mention whether the Plugin would be fully launched when OpenAI makes the features publicly available. 

Significantly, industry players and experts say the Plugin can retrieve on-chain data such as account balances, assets held in a wallet, transactions history, and signatures. 

ChatGPT plug-in
ChatGPT plug-in

ChatGPT in Crypto

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence tool, is not the first (of its kind) to be adopted in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

Recently, Binance launched its Sensei Chatbot, a ChatGPT-powered chatbot. In the April 24th announcement, Binance says the Sensei chatbot will help its users to access information on the Binance Academy. 

Furthermore, crypto traders and enthusiasts have identified several ways to use OpenAI's ChatGPT in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They said the AI tool can help forecast and provide reliable market statistics such as prices, trading volume, and supply. 

ChatGPT can help source digital assets' history, and explain complex crypto topics and trading methods. They said in recent times, the AI tool has provided a reliable level of prediction and statistics concerning the crypto market. 

However, no matter how accurate the responses are, it is important to make independent research and not rely solely on the output from the AI tool. 


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