Telegram Now Enables No-sim Sign-ups Using Blockchain-powered Numbers

Telegram Now Enables No-sim Sign-ups Using Blockchain-powered Numbers

Key Insights

  • Telegram, a messaging app, has rolled out a new version, 9.2.
  • The messaging app says the features will improve privacy and security.
  • Users can now open an account with anonymous blockchain-based numbers instead of sim accounts or cell phone numbers.

Telegram has launched its "9.2 updates". While there are several changes to the messaging app (that come with the updated feature), the highlight of the new update is the increased security features.

It also features the creation of no-sim accounts via blockchain. Interestingly, you can get the blockchain numbers on Fragments or at the auction.

The telecommunications giant tweeted some features of the new update tagged "ultimate privacy." The features include 'Auto Delete All chats, Temporary QR Codes, Topic 2.0, and more.

In this article, we shall examine the new Telegram updates, the security features, and how it intends to allow no-sim accounts via blockchain. 

Telegram app
Telegram app

Telegram's Updated Feature

Telegram announced the launch of its updated version with new features. One of the major changes is the sign-up process. The users of version 9.2 can now sign-up without a phone number. 

Furthermore, the update now features automatic message deletion for new chats, Topic 2.0 feature for groups, and aggressive anti-spam. Even though the company has had a self-destructing message feature since 2013, users can not delete messages without a trace. 

Similarly, you can now set auto-delete timers to erase individual chats after a period. For instance, if you want your chats to delete in the next 12 hours, you can now set it without notifying the receiver. 

Significantly, groups with more than 100 members can now create topics and open the topics in a sleek two-column mode. The new update allows users to switch to the latest topic directly. 

With version 9.2, users will be able to hide their numbers from everyone. There are expectations that this feature will interest those who value privacy-centric features. 


Telegram Supports Anonymous Blockchain-based Numbers

Telegram announced that it had increased its security features by enabling support from anonymous blockchain-based numbers. These anonymous blockchain-based numbers go for about $16. 

The new feature supports anonymous blockchain-based numbers by allowing you to create an account with such numbers— instead of cell phone numbers. You would recall that the last version hides users' private phone numbers from non-added users on the app.

Furthermore, users who want to use the new feature will have to purchase blockchain-powered anonymous numbers. They can purchase these numbers from Fragments, a decentralized auction platform founded by Pavel Durov, Telegram's founder. 

Fragments decentralized auction platform
Fragments decentralized auction platform

Interestingly, Fragment is the only platform that sells these usernames and anonymous numbers compatible with Telegram.

Similarly, to purchase the usernames and blockchain-powered anonymous numbers, you'll make purchases on The Open Network (TON), Telegram's affiliated token. 

You get a random number when you purchase a blockchain-powered anonymous number on Fragment. Interestingly, some of these random numbers attract demand as they seem unique.

For instance, the number "+888 8 888" currently has the highest bid of 33,075 TON, equivalent to $60,527. 


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