Bitooda’s New PoS Head Explains Why Ethereum Will Flip Bitcoin

Bitooda’s New PoS Head Explains Why Ethereum Will Flip Bitcoin

Key Insights:

  • On July 23, BitOoda, Head of PoS, explained why $ETH would flip $BTC.
  • The company announces hiring a new chairman who will lead the company in launching several financial solutions.

BitOoda is a financial technology institution aiming to deliver the transparent global adoption of transformative technologies via promoting efficient marketplaces. Since 2017, it has been delivering these technologies, and today, it has established its authority as a brand for a digital institutional solution via product engineering.

Why Bitooda Expects Ethereum To Flip Bitcoin

On the 18th of July, the company announced hiring a new PoS head, Vivek Raman, a Co-founder and Managing Partner at the residential real estate buy-to-rent platform, Resinvest.

Vivek Raman, who has nine years of trading experience, has this to say,

I could not be prouder to join the BitOoda team. BitOoda's vision of creating a fully-compliant digital asset investment bank, where we can bring research and sophisticated financial products to institutional players, is exactly what the crypto space needs to grow sustainably.

Vivek Raman went to his Twitter page and explained in a thread why he thinks Ethereum will flip Bitcoin.

What if that ~$18mm in daily sell pressure vanished – what would that do to BTC's price? Wouldn't it naturally drift up with each marginal new buyer vs. being constantly weighed down by daily sell pressure? This is exactly what is going to happen to ETH after the Merge

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