Top Crypto Airdrops to Watch out for in July 2022

Top Crypto Airdrops to Watch out for in July 2022


The concept of participation in airdrop activities is lucrative as millions of people – including crypto newbies – have made thousands of dollars from it.

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An airdrop is an allocation of tokens or NFTs deposited into participants' wallet addresses for free; more like a promotion or creation of awareness. 

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Airdrops are rewarding, so below is the list of 5 top airdrops to watch out for in July.


This project is predicated on the conflict between two sides, the Hitech and the Wild Magic. However, these city builder game developers anticipate reaching more people, hence their gifting of free land plots in airdrops. Below are the details

Airdrop: Armaldia

Value: $5,970 worth of plots of land

Winners: 30 lucky participants

End Date: July 27, 2022

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This is a very popular and one of the leading crypto exchange platforms, and they are celebrating its 9th Birthday. In the spirit of the celebration, they are offering free airdrops. A whopping $500 will be won by one participant, 2 others will receive $300 each, another 2 will get $200 each, while the remaining participants will receive $100 each.

Airdrop: CEX.IO

Total Rewards: $3000 ($300 per winner

Winners: 20 lucky participants

End Date: July 15, 2022

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With VIST, you can keep 100% of your earnings; this is just a way to encourage creators and better a means to generate more revenue and crypto rewards. They wish to reach more people and create awareness, hence, their airdrop giveaway.

Airdrop: VIST

Total: $25,000

Winners: 100 participants

End Date: July 7, 2022

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Origin Protocol

Origin Protocol is developing a DeFi project that connects buyers and sellers on the Ethereum blockchain. Origin Protocol is creating profound awareness for this project. To that effect, snapshots will be taken randomly, and users who hold OGN for 7 days will qualify.

Airdrop: Origin Protocol

Total Value: 1 billion OGN token

Winners: users holding their OGN for 7 days

Start and End Date: July 5th – 12th, 2022


Sweat Economy enjoys the privileges of DeFi, NFTs, and decentralized governance to unravel new user-centric values. SE is a M2E protocol, and they are offering airdrops for just downloading their app and walking. 

Airdrop: 1 SWEAT per thousand steps

Winners: All participants

Referral: 5 SWEATS per referral

End Date: July 2022


Dyor: Do Your Own Research. This is very important to note and understand. Airdrops possess great potential, no doubt, but some are not worth it. Therefore, the projects discussed above are not guaranteed, do more research on them, trust your instincts, and do only what you can. 

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