Top Cryptos to HODL Under $1 for Higher Gains in Upcoming Bull Market

We have brought you a research on top cryptos which could give you multi-bagger returns and ride the bull market with maximum profits.SHIB, XRP, MATIC ADA
Top Cryptos to HODL Under $1 for Higher Gains in Upcoming Bull Market

Key Insights

  • XRP has regulatory clarity on its side.
  • Polygon has created a very efficient blockchain.
  • Cardano is trying to create a true internet of blockchains, better than Ethereum.
  • Shiba Inu has strong community support.
  • Tron has beaten Ethereum in terms of on-chain stablecoin volumes.

We've conducted comprehensive research on top cryptos which could give you multi-bagger returns and ride the bull market with maximum profits.

The current bull market has proven to be highly rewarding, especially for large-cap cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has already tripled in the last year. Now, we expect an Altcoin rally.

A unique thing about this list is that every member is a proven and trustworthy crypto with a strong blockchain behind it. Also, since each one of them is under $1 it makes it easy for you to accumulate them over time.

XRP ($XRP): A Crypto with Regulatory Clarity

<strong>Ripple (XRP) Price Charts </strong>
Ripple (XRP) Price Charts

XRP is our top choice for this rally simply because it is one of three cryptos which have regulatory clarity. In 2023, Ripple won the case against SEC where its cryptocurrency XRP got the clear distinction of not being a security. Though other altcoins might get the same tag, however, this is expected to happen later.

Further, another reason why XRP is our top choice is because of its high utility. Crypto is very closely associated with other successful Ripple ventures such as On Demand Liquidity, Land Digitization in Latin America, Cross-border payments, etc.

Also, since we are closely monitoring XRP, we have found that due to an uncertainty associated with institutional sales, XRP's price seems hesitant to cross a major hurdle at $0.6. However, it is well known that any XRP issued to institutions is identical to any XRP.

Therefore, for the lack of any actionable, we expect courts and the SEC to either drop the case or at max put a financial fine on Ripple.

At press time, XRP was trading around $0.54.

Polygon ($MATIC): The Heavylifter

<strong>Polygon (MATIC) Price Chart </strong>
Polygon (MATIC) Price Chart

Polygon is a very special blockchain because it does everything with Ethereum and in a very efficient manner. Also, Polygon has partnered with several well-known organizations such as the Bank of Italy, Nike, Mastercard, Reddit and several other well-known companies.

The speciality why we think Polygon is a top choice is because of its ability to support complex metaverses at very cheap prices. Now, theoretically, this is also possible in Ethereum, but with high gas fees, we are sceptical of how people would enjoy a metaverse when they pay several dollars in fees.

Hence, we think Polygon would be the best choice for this kind of application.

For the skeptics, we can assure them that once the crypto markets pick up the pace, Metaverses will become high in demand due to their wide applications in the corporate world, fun, entertainment, digital tourism, etc.

At press time, Polygon was trading around $0.82.

Cardano ($ADA): Creating a Robust Inter-Blockchain Ecosystem

<strong>Cardano (ADA) Price Chart</strong>
Cardano (ADA) Price Chart

Now Cardano might be a surprise for those who are not in touch with its latest developmental activities. The platform has been trying very hard for the last year to develop everything that it needs to make it an inter-blockchain protocol. It has also launched a stablecoin called DJED, which we expect to be the key to its DeFi success.

The founder, Charles Hoskinson, who was also an Ethereum co-founder, recently forecasted that Cardano would soon triumph against Ethereum due to the following upcoming developments.

  • Ability to scale, which helps in reducing fees.
  • Fast finality that helps settle transactions almost instantly.
  • Partnerships with other chains.
  • Integration of Rollups.

He also claimed that whatever Ethereum could do, Cardano could do the same but in the best way.

Lately, there also have been a high number of buy orders in several exchanges which is expected to drive prices higher.

At press time, Cardano was trading around $0.54.

Shiba Inu ($SHIB): Favourite Crypto of Whales

<strong>Shiba Inu</strong> (<strong>SHIB) Price Chart </strong>
Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price Chart

Shiba Inu is our final choice for this list because of a several ongoing developments. This includes technical developments such as on-chain development, whale accumulation, increased community response to its launches, etc.

Shiba Inu's blockchain, Shibarium, which was launched in mid-2023 would likely help users get rid of Ethereum's high fees. Also the Shibarium blockchain brings versatility to the entire Shiba Inu ecosystem. It also supports Layer-2 functionality for Ethereum.

With added functionality to support NFT, DeFi, Dapps and other activities, we expect Shiba Inu would be able to leverage its huge followership to make its ventures successful. The followership of Shiba Inu was evident when it got 16 million visitors in a single day when its blockchain was launched.

From on-chain data we see that about 76% of its circulating supply is with Whales, we at Voice of Crypto have the opinion that this crypto might not witness any panic selling as this behaviour is typically seen from retail traders.

Now, since the price has been stuck below $0.00001 even in a bull market. We expect it to move soon due to reasons such as increased token burning, buyer activity, etc.

At press time, Shiba Inu was trading around $0.0000093.

Tron ($TRX): The Silent Winner

<strong>Tron  (TRX) Price Charts </strong>
Tron (TRX) Price Charts

Tron is a silent winner among blockchains. It has already beaten Ethereum and every other blockchain in terms of stablecoin volumes. The Defiant has brought out the following data on stablecoin activity.

Blockchains with Respective Stablecoin Volumes
Blockchains with Respective Stablecoin Volumes

Thanks to its low fees and support for multiple cryptocurrencies, Tron was one of the top performers in 2023. Its price more than doubled in a little over a year from $0.055 to currently $0.12 despite stringent action by the US SEC.

Shortly, if regulatory activity gets in favour of crypto, we expect Tron to be one of the biggest beneficiaries.

At press time, Tron was trading around $0.1245.

Disclaimer: Voice of Crypto aims to deliver accurate and up-to-date information, but it will not be responsible for any missing facts or inaccurate information. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile financial assets, so research and make your own financial decisions.

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