Did the UK Prime Minister Really Accept $1 Million Worth of Bitcoin Fee for An Interview?

Did the UK Prime Minister Really Accept $1 Million Worth of Bitcoin Fee for An Interview?

Key Insights

  • The UK Prime Minister was accused by Tucker Carlson of requesting a fee for an interview. 
  • According to Tucker Carlson, Johnson's request was worth a million dollars in Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin continues to show positive signs of a potential bull season. 

United Kingdom Minister Boris Johnson has recently been involved in an interview spat with ex-Fox News host Tucker Carlson. The argument between the two individuals happened when the topic of Boris Johnson allegedly requesting Bitcoin or a million-dollar fee for an interview was brought up.

Johnson, who appeared dissatisfied with the allegation, denied such claims. However, Tucker Carlson kept accusing the UK prime minister of requesting such a fee in relation to a discussion about Ukraine.

Here's How UK Prime Minister Replied To Tucker Carlson's Accusation 

During an exclusive interview with Blaze TV, crypto influencer Tucker Carlson revealed that Boris Johnson and his team charged a huge fee for an interview session. Carlson added that the Prime Minister requested a million US dollars, gold, or Bitcoin.

BTC/USD chart
BTC/USD chart

Carlson said: "Finally, one of his advisers gets back to me and says, 'He will talk to you, but it's going to cost you a million dollars.'"

UK Prime Minister's team promptly refuted the allegations, stating that it was Carlson who extended the offer, and Johnson initially agreed under the condition that the funds would directly benefit Ukrainian veterans' charities. Nonetheless, the scheduled interview never materialized, with the UK Prime Minister citing the tragic passing of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny as a contributing factor.

Meanwhile, The Telegraph quoted Carlson as saying: "He wants a million dollars, in US dollars, gold or bitcoin – this just happened yesterday, or two days ago. Then he will talk to you about Ukraine – he will explain his position on Ukraine."

Carlson Gives Details of Bitcoin's Involvement in the Interview Spat

Tucker Carlson went further to give more details about the UK Prime Minister's request, stating that the fee was worth up to a million dollars in BTC. Though Carlson's reasons for such preference remains elusive, yet the inclusion of Bitcoin introduces a captivating dimension to the evolving narrative.

Johnson's team has refrained from addressing this particular detail, fostering speculation about the crypto's potential role and significance in the proposed interview.

Bitcoin is currently experiencing notable price surges over the last decade, getting the attention of financial communities globally. Johnson, cognizant of Bitcoin's impressive track record, purportedly places faith in its sustained prosperity.

The intertwining of political intrigue and cryptocurrency within this narrative injects a multifaceted dimension into the contentious dialogue between Johnson and Carlson.

The proposition of Bitcoin as a potential payment mechanism prompts an inquiry into the burgeoning sway and integration of digital currencies within conventional transactions.


Today, Bitcoin (BTC) is priced at $51,270.83, boasting a robust 24-hour trading volume of $28,873,586,775.35. Over the last 24 hours, it has experienced a modest 0.50% price surge, while witnessing a decline of -1.90% over the past 7 days. With a circulating supply of 20 million BTC, Bitcoin's market capitalization stands at 19,634,618.0000 BTC. 

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