Why Did CryptoDickbutts Ethereum NFTs Surge by Almost 690% Today?

Why Did CryptoDickbutts Ethereum NFTs Surge by Almost 690% Today?

CryptoDickButts, the Ethereum-based NFT, is doing very well on OpenSeaThe daily trading volume has increased by 690% to 290 ETH (roughly $495,000), catapulting Dickbutts into the No.6 ranking for the day above-established projects like Goblintown and Cool Cats, with a 135% increase in weekly trade volumes too.

Dickbutts was created by K.C. Green in 2006 and became an instantly recognizable part of internet culture, as it was shared for years in countless memes on social media platforms like Reddit. The first set of 161 NFTs on Ethereum, later named the OG collection, launched in March 2021. It was followed up with another series 3 in August 2021, which contained 5200 new tokens.

CryptoDickbutts are trending right now. The cheapest from Series 3 costs $5,100. That's up 31% within the past 24 hours and 163% compared to last month alone. It is still just the No. 34 NFT project in terms of a floor price, according to NFT Price Floor. The recent rise in interest can be attributed to meme culture and an underlying enthusiasm backing this community.

Crypto Dick buttocks is a project with no set road map governed by the CryptoD but includes notable names like Steve Aoki, Blondish as well ProbCause.

CoinShare's Chief Strategy Officer, Meltem Demirors, hosted an "emergency" Twitter space on Sunday to talk up 'the prophecy and epic bang.' She is a prominent Bitcoiner with over 250,000 followers who seems likely responsible for starting today's price pump.

In the Twitter Spaces, Demirors declared, "The Dickbutt community has always been about one thing and one thing only, and that is the universal truth of one D equals one B… I also think that commenting on prices defeats the overall objective here. Dickbutts are not about investing. Dickbutts are a culture."

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