Winamp Media Player Debuts Web3, With This New Feature

Winamp Media Player Debuts Web3, With This New Feature

Key Insights

  • Winamp to introduce NFT music player.
  • Other companies like Warner Group follow similar upgrades.
  • NFT media players to enhance ownership and security.

The age-old and famous audio player for Windows, known as Winamp, announces its new upgrade features. Its new Web3 desktop upgrade of version 5.9.1 allows users to play NFT music. Thus users can play music files embedded in their Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Apart from letting users play music from NFTs, the upgrade would also reduce the player's footprint and enhance safety and security. 

Features of Winamp Update

Winamp audio player, launched in the year 1997, was not just famous for its existing desktop media player features but also because of its great availability. However, the recent update further highlights and strengthens its previous features. With its new upgrade, Winamp users can now link their Metamask wallet using browsers like Firefox, Brave, and Chrome. 

How Can NFTs Improve Security? 

NFTs are known for their safe and secured transactions and ability to offer complete ownership of digital assets. It also allows users to have a detailed record of transactions, which helps maintain greater security. Gradually, the scope of NFTs also expanded as users linked NFTs with other digital modes like music, music, Television shows, and much more. 

Winamp took advantage of the raging popularity of NFTs to include this feature in its new update. Alexandre Saboundjian, the CEO of Winamp, declared the upgrade as one of its kind, where users could play any file, be it NFTs or standard audio files.

Naturally, Winamp seems to introduce considerable technological innovation in its update to attract NFT and music enthusiasts. He also announced a cross-platform development on the cards in 2023. 

Other Companies to Follow 

With Winamp paving the way for playing NFT music, several companies may follow. For instance, Warner Group announced the launch of NFT music through a Polygon-based market known as LGND. World-famous musician and entrepreneur Justin 3LAU Blau launched the Royal NFT Marketplace.

According to this marketplace, users investing in a song or album would receive a portion of streaming rights and other advantages. Music is not just about listening anymore. Instead, players in the music industry are also trying to help users feel and experience what they listen to, and Winamp's upgrade serves as the best example of this. 

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