With the Cardano Vasil Upgrade Up and Running, What’s Next for ADA?

With the Cardano Vasil Upgrade Up and Running, What’s Next for ADA?

With the Cardano testnet ticking off, participants expect the mainnet to arrive in four weeks by the end of July or as soon as the developers have enough time to develop the tools and complete other formalities.

The Vasil hardfork has taken a step forward to achieving its reality of becoming a mainnet on the successful completion of the Cardano testnet, thereby promising revolutionary updates, along with better performances.

Various workers like the project developers, SPOs, and others have now been motivated to focus on the testnet and ensure a seamless flow of operations and avoid glitches when the mainnet arrives in another 4 weeks. The SPOs are expected to require 4 weeks to test the deployment of testnet, and hence, the estimated time.

Cardano's Twitter handle welcomes Vasil

This upgrade is extremely crucial for Cardano as it would open opportunities for launching stablecoins and DApps, as mentioned by Cardano's Twitter account that welcomed Vasil HFC with great enthusiasm.

In the Twitter post, it said that Vasil HFC would open up opportunities for synthetics, pool lending, and stablecoins, giving Cardano a massive boost in the current times. Likewise, Djed stablecoin also mentioned in a blog that they are eagerly waiting for the Vasil hardfork as it would offer the scalability required to run Djed smoothly on the mainnet.

Higher script efficiency at a lower cost

The Vasil Fork is expected to run faster creation of blockchain and Decentralized Apps Scalability running on Cardano once the mainnet is complete. The parent organization of Cardano- Input Output HK mentioned that apart from the performance upgrades, this project would also offer developers a higher script performance and efficiency at a lower cost, in a tweet on Sunday.

The organization also mentioned that though the mainnet is expected to be delivered in another four weeks, the proposal would be passed only when the 'ecosystem partners are comfortable and ready'.  The prior phase, was known as the Goguen, and paved the way for developing smart contract capabilities on Cardano.

What about ADA?

After Cardano's recent upgrade news positive sentiment was seen in the market, however, ADA's price still traded below crucial support levels. At press time, ADA traded at $0.4562 noting a mere 0.59% rise in price over the last day.

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