WLD Gets A Boost, Gaming Platform Prepares To Use Worldcoin’s Iris Scan ID to Fight Cheating In Tournaments, But How?

WLD Gets A Boost, Gaming Platform Prepares To Use Worldcoin’s Iris Scan ID to Fight Cheating In Tournaments, But How?

Key Insights

  • Community Gaming is set to integrate Worldcoin ID for player verification in tournaments, to fight cheating and identity theft.
  • The benefits of this move are enhanced security, trust, and cross-border participation.
  • User privacy and limited service availability in some regions remain some of the major concerns.
  • The first rollouts are starting in Latin America, and look promising for World ID adoption.
  • Worldcoin has reacted with a 5% rally over the last day, indicating investor interest.

Esports is a booming industry that attracts Millions of gamers and fans from all around the world.

However, just as it is with any game or competition, players will more than often resort to cheating, fraud and even identity theft.

This is where Worldcoin and the World IDs come in.

A new partnership has been brewed between Community Gaming and Worldcoin, and we are about to see a new era where blockchain technology and biometric scanning are used to verify the identities of esports players.

Worldoin, World IDs, ESports and Community Gaming

Community Gaming is one of the leading Esports platforms in the world.

Think of it like a platform that allows anyone to create and participate in esports tournaments with crypto prizes.

Popular games like PUBG, Marvel Snap, Axie Infinity, and Free Fire are supported by Community Gaming, which uses blockchain technology to guarantee safe, quick, and transparent transactions.

Quite recently Community Gaming took to Twitter to announce a new partnership with Tools for Humanity (Worldcoin's parent company), to integrate World ID within its infrastructure.

Community gaming and Worldcoin | Source: <a href='https://twitter.com/CommunityGaming/status/1755705755406422220?s=20' target='_blank' rel='noreferrer noopener'><u>Twitter</u></a>
Community gaming and Worldcoin | Source: Twitter

This means that before participants can participate in these events, the admins of these tournaments can choose to demand that they use their World IDs to authenticate their identity.

Moreover, players who comply with this new move will have a "verified" badge of sorts, added to their profiles.

Community Gaming says that this tool will contribute to the building of a more trustworthy and equal gaming community, by directly combating fraud and cheating.

Furthermore, it will enable cross-platform and cross-border contests because players from different regions will be able to sign up for the same events using the same IDs.

A New Era For World IDs and Worldcoin

World ID can significantly offer several benefits to the esports industry, like enhancing the security and privacy of players.

Players can rest assured, that they do not have to share their personal information just as they would if they had to use other means of identification.

Players can also trust the credibility of the tournaments when they know that all of the other players can prove their identities and reputations with a single scan.

Moreover, the barriers that come with distance will also be removed, considering how players from anywhere in the world can access and benefit from the same opportunities.

However, the other side of the coin is the same issue that Worldcoin has battled with from the onset:


Some users may be reluctant to scan their irises or share any of their biometric data with Worldcoin over issues of trust.

Secondly, some services may be unavailable in some countries where Worldcoin operations are suspended or banned, like Kenya, India, France, Brazil, and the UK.

The Next Step for World ID and Esports?

Currently, World ID is being rolled out across Latin America, with a focus on Argentina, Peru, and Brazil.

Community Gaming plans to host verified tournaments in these regions, as well as future in-person events to showcase how Worldcoin and World ID work.

The details of these events are still being finalized, and there are currently no reports of whether Worldcoin will use the Orbs or not.

World ID is also expected to expand to other regions and platforms in the future, as Worldcoin continues to grow its network and partnerships.

Overall, the integration with World ID is a new and promising way to improve the esports scene, however problematic it might be.

Overall, whether World ID will succeed or fail remains to be seen, but it is certainly promising for the coming bull run.

Worldcoin Reacts

Over the last day, Worldcoin has reacted positively to the news, rallying by as much as 5% as shown below:

Worldcoin's price
Worldcoin's price

The charts also show that Worldcoin's market cap and trading volume have increased by around 4.6% and by 16.87% respectively over the last day.

Worldcoin's price action
Worldcoin's price action

Worldcoin is also doing a good job of rebounding off the ascending trendline shown above, around $2.2.

The cryptocurrency is aiming for a break above its 50-day moving average around $2.56 and could be hitting as high as $4.8 soon.

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