This Is Why XRP Price Experienced Its Largest Single-Day Gain in Over 3 Months

This Is Why XRP Price Experienced Its Largest Single-Day Gain in Over 3 Months
  • XRP experienced its biggest single-day gain surging at 6.5%  in over three months after the securities-violations charges were dropped against Ripple's executives.
  • XRP, the fifth-largest digital asset in the world, reached 52 cents during the rally for the dismissed allegations against Ripple's CEO and co-founder. 
  • The rise of the cumulative volume delta (CVD) in spot exchanges indicates an increase in net flows and the market.

XRP saw a significant increase in a single-day gain on Thursday, one it has not experienced in the past three months.

This surge was a result of securities-violations charges dropped against the digital asset company and its leaders by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Reportedly, the fifth largest digital asset, Ripple, rose significantly from 52 cents up to 53 cents before dropping to 51 cents. 

In a court ruling on Thursday, SEC decided to drop all charges and allegations against Brad Garlinghouse who is Ripple's Chief Executive and its co-founder Chris Larsen. Before the ruling on Thursday, the SEC had accused Ripple of misconduct and security violations on the sale of its digital assets and exchanges.

Again, three years prior, the SEC accused Ripple Labs of violating the securities law by raising funds up to $1.3 billion through the sale of Ripple to investors. With all of these accusations, Ripple remained under pressure from investors and experienced a decline even as there was a rising surge in the market.

Spot Market Fuels as CVD Signals Increase in Net Inflows 

According to the data from Coinalyze, the cumulative volume delta (CVD) in the spot market increased tremendously and this further indicates the net inflows into the market.

It also shows that the price of Ripple rose alongside the spot market.

The price surge on Thursday is likely powered by a spot market that made sure to increase the XRP rally. It is not new that spot-driven rallies are much more sustainable than rallies by leverage traders.

XRP market cap
XRP market cap

While XRP surged on Thursday, the CVD in stablecoin and the coin-margined futures markets remained stagnant. A rising CVD indicates that more buyers are taking action in the market, while a negative-sloping line indicates more sellers than buyers.

Following an impressive turn-around on Thursday for XRP and its subsequent gains, there is, however, a shortage to see a rise in the consolidation of the XRP price between 49 and 45 cents.

Range play represents the volatility meltdown, which creates the path for a big move. This could either lead to an increase or a decrease in the price. Usually, the market tends to build up energy during the consolidation period, which is eventually unleashed in the case of a breach in the range direction.

Concluding thought 

XRP witnessed a remarkable 6.5% surge, to mark its most substantial single-day gain in three months, following the securities violations charges against Ripple's executives dropped by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

This decision resulted in the price increase of XRP from 52 to 53 cents before moving down to 51 cents on Thursday.

Despite this impressive performance this past week, XRP continues to remain within the range of 49 cents to 45 cents, hinting at an impending breakout of the digital asset.

These range plays experienced by XRP precede movement within the market, leading up to energy build consolidation before going in the direction of a breakout. This, however, signals both relief and anticipation for XRP investors about its potential volatility in the cryptocurrency market.

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