Yellowheart Launches First-Ever NFT Music Streaming Player

Yellowheart Launches First-Ever NFT Music Streaming Player

YellowHeart is a one-stop Web3 market for music enthusiasts. The site launched its first-ever NFT music album with Kings of Leon to keep the enthusiasm and passion intact. Since its first album release, YellowHeart has partnered with several big-shot music bands and artists like Maroon 5, Julian Lennon, ZHU, and Jerry Garcia. 

YellowHeart's NFT Music Player

YellowHeart changed the face of the music industry by introducing the NFT music streaming player. The platform aims to direct music lovers to adopt this new music format. Several music artists released NFT tunes to diversify YellowHeart's content and to amp up their initiative. Such events have maximized the platform's revenue, putting all investments back into their pockets. 

YellowHeart further claims this music streaming player aims to consolidate NFT tunes in a single player instead of playing separate songs within an app. 

The founder and CEO of YellowHeart, Josh Katz, mentions the company's aim to educate music artists and the entire music industry on the future prospects of transformative NFT music and its ability to impact the larger space. The founder also mentioned the challenges faced in introducing the concept of NFT music amongst the fans while structuring and launching the project in 2021. However, introducing a web3 music player seemed to resolve most of their challenges.

NFT Music Player to Maximize Profits

While the NFT music streaming device aims to consolidate NFT tunes, it is also engineered to ensure mass adoption of such a music format. YellowHeart also claims the stark difference in profits offered to music artists. According to the company, music-playing apps like Spotify and Apple Music offer a margin of 0.03 to 0.05 cents per stream. However, YellowHeart's music player claims to bring more significant revenue to the artists. YellowHeart expands the player's utility beyond music to film and television content. 

The Critics

Though the launch of YellowHeart's music streaming player is a revolutionary innovation in the music industry, conservative music enthusiasts are still apprehensive of it. They seem stuck with other music-playing apps like Spotify that allow them to open many music files in a single file. However, the positives of this music player are sure to bring them back on track. 

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