Zilliqa Eyeing to Boost Web3 Gaming with This New Initiative

Zilliqa Eyeing to Boost Web3 Gaming with This New Initiative

Zilliqa is working on a gaming console that would offer everything a virtual gamer would want, from crypto mining to supporting triple-A type games. While the specifics of the Zilliqa's 'user-friendly' gaming console are yet to be made public, its prototype has already been released and is somewhat similar to an Xbox console.

Layer 1 blockchain protocol, Zilliqa is working on the Web-3 focused console that offers mining capabilities and comes with a cryptocurrency wallet. At the same time, the players have fun with the featured games from the company.

Zilliqa announced the launch of this new Web3-based console that would compete against Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. The company released the prototype images featuring ports including HDMI, ethernet, and USB connections.

However, they haven't yet uncovered the unit's price and its entire hardware specifics. Judging by the variety of ports shown in the photos, the console is expected to be at par with its mainstream competitors.

Zilliqa Debuts Web3 Gaming

Zilliqa stated that the console aims to offer a user-friendly experience. Furthermore, it would give incentives to the users when they would complete missions in the games, quests, and tasks, and would allow them to mine the native token ZIL as a reward. October will witness the start of the beta testing of the console. From the first quarter of 2023, the company will make units available for pre-order.

According to Valentin Cobelea, head of gaming technology at Zilliqa, when the company announced its first game at Gamescom, it received a great response from the community. The team of Zilliqa aims to lure users through more than just gaming attractions. They want to gain popularity for their monetary incentives and crypto mining capacities.

Web 3 and the Gaming Industry

Zilliqa recently published a report on Web3 games, stating that during 2021, the blockchain-based gaming industry activity took a hike by more than a whopping 2000%. Despite the cold winter in the crypto world, there are Web3 games that have managed to retain more than 300 thousand active users on their platforms.

However, it will take time before these games compete with web2-based games. This is because most of the players who indulge in Web2-based games are the ones who play games just for the sake of fun. However, most users enter the Web3 gaming universe to earn money.

The company mentioned that the Web3 gaming industry is still nascent. Therefore, there is a possibility that the Web3 gaming platforms will be able to offer some innovative gaming experiences in the future. They might go beyond the monetary incentive concentrated and would be fun and competitive.

Axie Infinity during Bitcoin's bullish run is a great example of such a gaming experience, where several workers went as far as to abandon their jobs to become full-time gamers.

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