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NFT P2E Gaming: India has the Highest Number of P2E Players Worldwide 




VOC, Voice of Crypto P2E Gaming

According to recent data by Finder, India is topping the charts of countries with the highest NFT play-to-earn (P2E) players globally. While Western countries like the United States and France have significant NFT P2E players, their stats are far behind India. 

India records the highest of survey respondents with 34%. Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates are coming behind India with 29% and 27%, respectively. 

P2E NFT Gaming

NFT adoption and the popularity of NFT Play-to-earn games have over the years grown, becoming a primary source of income for many players. However, while many expected Western countries to take the lead in the number of P2E players, Asian countries are proving them wrong. Also, in the data gathered by Finder, there’s a considerable interest gap between Western countries and other countries. For instance, 4.3% of respondents admitted having played NFT P2E games in Sweden. While in the U.S., out of 14% of respondents familiar with P2E games, only 9.4% of them have played a minimum of one game.

However, to understand internet users’ gaming habits in the countries surveyed, Finder carried out further study. According to the study, Finder discovered that more U.S. respondents plan to play NFT P2E games. 

When asked to put on a scale the expected growth of U.S. respondents that’ll engage in P2E games, Finder said, “That figure is expected to increase 1.8 times by the end of 2022, with the percentage of people in the U.S. expected to hit 16.5%.”


India Leads with 41.7% of NFT Game Players Under 35

The survey by Finder revealed that most NFT P2E players are under the age of 35. Again, India takes the lead, with 41.7% of respondents under 35 involved in NFT gaming. Also, western countries like Sweden, Germany, and France had below 10%. 

Furthermore, the survey only had respondents from two African countries: South Africa and Nigeria. Nigeria came ahead of South Africa, with 16% of respondents admitting to having played NFT P2E games and 16.9% having plans. On the other hand, 10.2 of South African respondents admitted to having played NFT games, with 10.6% of respondents having plans to join in.

NFT Play-to-Earn Gaming Globally Dominated by Men

P2E gaming statistics

According to the survey by Finder, men play NFT games more than females. Globally, an average of 17% of men admitted to having played NFT games, while only 12% of women said they had done so. Interestingly, the gap is more evident in Singapore, with 32% of male respondents playing NFT games and 13% of women doing the same. 

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