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NFT Platform Launches Collaboration In Honor Of Ukraine




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Key Insights

  • LaCollection collaborates with international artists to raise funds for Ukrainian cultural institutions 
  • The initiative will see the creation of NFT projects to raise funds and awareness of the damage caused by the Russian invasion
  • The NFTs will feature artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Paul Cézanne.

LaCollection, an NFT platform, announced the launch of collaborations with international artists to raise funds for Ukraine’s cultural Center. This collaboration came when UNESCO reported that about 162 cultural sites had been destroyed in Ukraine. 

Since the Ukraine Invasion on the 24th of February, 2022, the country has suffered immeasurable damages. The damages include loss of life, livelihood, records, historical sites and monuments. 

No doubt, the Nonfungible token ecosystem has received attention in recent times— with this collaboration, the NFT platforms will help achieve the desired goals. 

LaCollection, Collaborates With International NFT Artists In Honour Of Ukraine

LaCollection is an NFT platform partnering with international artists to raise funds in respect of Ukraine. The collaboration aims to raise funds to support Ukrainian cultural institutions affected by Russia’s attack. The affected cultural institutions include the Odessa Fine Arts Museum, the National Art Museum of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Institute. 

Furthermore, the initiative is a collaboration with United Artists for Ukraine. This is an art collective under the leadership of Marina Abromovic and Ron Arad. 

The initiative seeks to raise vital funds and create awareness for Ukrainian cultural institutions. The funds generated will also be for cultural projects in Ukraine severely impacted by the ongoing war. This is contained in a Tweet by @NFTek2424. 


Similarly, this initiative comprises NFTs designed by Irina Ozarinskaya, a Ukrainian artist. These NFTs will serve as the membership card, enabling private visits to the studios of artists who are part of the collaboration. The NFTs are currently on auction until the 31st of December.

The announcement says the NFTs will feature graphic portraits of 10 prominent artists. The artists include Jean-Michel Basquiat and Paul Cézanne. 

You would recall that The Hexagon society, a Franco-English art foundation, organised a similar initiative some months ago. They launched the initiative in the wake of Brexit to promote European culture in the United Kingdom. 

Similarly, the Ukraine Government launched a similar NFT project, a museum named “Museum of War.” in March 2022. They said proceeds of the NFT museum would support Armies and civilians affected by the Russian invasion. 

Furthermore, the NFT project will help preserve the memory of real events and collect donations for Ukraine assistance. 


Ukraine has continued to suffer attacks since February; no doubt the effect of the attack spreads across all facets.  


In a bid to support the destroyed cultural sites and create global awareness, LaCollection partners with international artists. The collaboration has birth several initiatives that include minting NFTs and functioning them for funds. 

The funds will be spent on revitalizing the cultural sites, while the NFTs will give membership status to its holders.

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