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Opera Crypto Browser Adds Support for Web3 Wallets like Metamask




VOC, Voice of Crypto, MetaMask

With the growing popularity of crypto globally, the Opera crypto browser, which supports different decentralized applications, now also supports MetaMask (a third-party wallet).

The company’s founders have suggested this to be a significant change since its establishment. This integration comes ahead of the algorithm transition that Ethereum will undergo.

Ethereum is switching to the power-of-stake model from its existing proof-of-work algorithm. The new algorithm is much more energy intensive and is expected to be launched in September.

Changing the algorithm will also help Ethereum become more sustainable, secure, scalable, and easy to use for its users. The ecosystem lead of Opera Crypto Browser believes that the browser is the only one that can adapt to the transition. It will provide the customers with every tool needed to try out Web3 in a secure environment. 

What Does Opera Crypto Browser Offer

The Opera Crypto Browser was launched at the beginning of 2022. This browser operates along with the existing Web2 browser of the company.


Some features offered by the Opera Crypto Browser include Crypto corner, non-custodial crypto wallet, and dApps. The Crypto corner is unique and functional as it is one-point access to all the latest industry news, different metrics, market conditions, fuel prices, upcoming events, and even educational content. 

The browser also has its mobile version, which supports bitcoin, Ethereum, FIO, Celo, BNB chain, Nervos Blockchain, and Polygon. Desktop or laptop users don’t need to worry, as you can enjoy the local integrations of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, and BNB chains. 

The senior product manager of Opera Crypto Browser has stated that the company aims to attract more and more crypto investors. This means that the company will be integrating more tokens and blockchains shortly. 

Opera Adds Third Party Wallet – Metamask

Opera Crypto Browser has enabled third-party wallet integration through its Wallet Selector feature. As a result, browser users can select any available wallet extension along with the existing non-custodial wallet. These wallet extensions could be chosen from both Opera and Google Chrome stores. 

The new Wallet Selector feature acts as a tool that enables aggregating different wallet extensions and their automation by memorizing the user’s preferences.

In simple terms, this built-in feature will help you to switch between other wallets easily but will not have access to your passwords and private keys, making it an accessible but secure option.



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