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Over 52% Of Americans Believe Crypto Is the ‘Future of Finance’




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Key Insights

  • Among 2,029 respondents of the Harris Poll, 37% say they are interested in owning crypto.
  • It is expected that 2023 will see the passage of several crypto regulations.
  • Americans want a robust framework for crypto and other related activities in America.

A recent survey done by Grayscale Investments shows that 37% of voters in the US are interested in crypto.

An online poll was conducted within the United States from October 6 to 11. About 2,029 adult respondents participated in the Harris Poll conducted by Grayscale investment

According to the survey, 52% of Americans — 59% Democrats and 51% Republicans, are crypto enthusiasts. They agree with the statement, “cryptocurrencies are the future of finance.” 

Over  44% of the respondents are optimistic about owning digital assets. It shows that 37% of voters in the upcoming midterm election have been considering how crypto can function with it.

Some 80% of the respondents agreed that there should be clear crypto regulation. About 88% of them are Democrats, with 77% Republicans. Also, 40% of the respondents consider that the US is lagging in regulating digital assets and making the market accessible.

Asides from this survey, Grayscale investment has been playing an active role in this ecosystem in America. 


Grayscale’s Stance on the Crypto Space

The CEO, Micheal Sonnenshein, said Grayscale would continue to monitor developments surrounding crypto acts. “We anticipate 2023 will be an active year for crypto legislation,” he commented. “We are fortunate that crypto is a non-partisan issue, and we look forward to continuing to build crypto allies in Congress.” 

Some legislative acts may determine the future of digital assets. They include the Digital Commodities Consumer Protection Act and the Responsible Financial Innovation Act.

Recall that the Digital Commodities Consumer Protection Act was proposed. Once passed, it will confer commodity status on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also, both digital assets would be under the Commodity and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) jurisdiction.

Another work of legislation awaiting passage is the Responsible Financial Innovation Act. The bill would expand the jurisdiction of the Commodity and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and cover stablecoins.

Sonnenshein said he would be monitoring them and any other potential regulations.

The Grayscale investment legal battle with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) is on the sideline. Grayscale sued SEC for denying the proposal to convert Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) into an ETF. 


Amidst this lawsuit with the SEC, Grayscale investments conducted the survey.  


The survey highlights that 37% of Americans are interested in owning a digital asset

Also, the coming year will be filled with several legislations on digital assets.  Therefore, the Biden Government has set the ball rolling and is expected to develop robust regulations.