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Polygon Blockchain Helps India to Fight against Corruption




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Polygon blockchain launches a new police-complaint portal to curb corruption in India.  Police corruption in India has been prevalent for a long time, but this new feature aims to tackle it. 

Police Corruption in India

Although corruption is a staple of many countries, the corruption perception index ranked India as the 80th most corrupt nation out of 198 countries in 2021. Such a statistic sells a narrative of a country steeped in vices.

Naturally, the Indian police aren’t immune to this corruption.

Corruption is common at different levels in different departments; several high-ranking and low-ranking police officials have been found to have indulged in illegal practices over the years. 

Consequently, this corruption in the police force has a widespread effect on the populace. Many citizens have been at the receiving end of such and suffered greatly.


Past Corruption History

A recent incident occurred in Kanpur city of Uttar Pradesh in 2020 where a famed mafia Vikas Dubey flourished on the corruption perpetrated by the police department. Some eight police officers attempted to apprehend him, but the corrupt officers tipped him off on his payroll. The eight officers were ambushed and killed — an unfortunate tragedy with long-term effects.

The aforementioned is just one of many sad occurrences that have existed or exist due to corruption in the police force on both a small scale and a large scale.

Therefore, the anti-police corruption initiative led by Polygon is a huge deal and a big step in curbing vices both in the professional industry and national level in India.

Polygon Anti-Corruption Platform 

Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal revealed that Firozabad police are now utilizing the Polygon blockchain protocol in Uttar Pradesh to combat local police corruption and crime.

The First Information Report (FIR) option initiated on Polygon enables the almost 3 million citizens of the Firozabad district in India to report objections against the police without concern of being ignored or falsified.

Nailwal disclosed that the endeavor was very personal to him because he grew up hearing tales of casualties not getting justice due to local police corruption, many of who were victims of rape.


In a video shared by the Firozabad police, he said that the FIR “could be a game-changer in ensuring the right to justice.”

He also thanked the police commissioner for going beyond the call of duty to enforce this technology to guarantee impartial justice.

This new initiative by Polygon aims to attack such issues and provide a haven for the Indian populace against corrupt officers.