Endemic – Project Review

Endemic  – Project Review

Project USP: 

Endemic is the first decentralized NFT social marketplace that connects artists and real art with the growing NFT market. Our product is leaning on Aurora and NEAR blockchain, providing Ethereum 2.0. experience, with great emphasis on better tech, zero waste, and low gas and mint costs. 

The platform enables viewing, purchase, and exchange of high-quality art by real and recognized authors converted into NFT.  With social network integrations such as likes, comments, blogging, etc., artists benefit from deeper connections with their supporters while collectors and buyers can experience the art much better before the purchase decision.

As a swift reaction to the fact that low-quality art is currently oversaturating the NFT market, Endemic is no one-marketplace-fits-all but platform with carefully hand-picked world-class artists of all styles. Only artists who are invited by our art team and pass the verification process from our curatorial team will be able to post their artworks on the Endemic platform as verified artists.

Endemic has a strategy for growing local art communities, organizing art exhibitions in the virtual space, and providing the exclusive right to interact through bidding and purchasing as well as going beyond digital – real-life multi-day NFT festivals for real networking. Genesis utility collections TBA.

Project Trivia:

  • First and fully functional NFT social marketplace platform on Aurora. Next stop, NFT collections including genesis utility NFT collection and integration with NEAR and Ethereum. 
  • Buying on the marketplace, holding for NFT drops and WLs, staking, liquidity mining, etc (still defining along with the genesis NFT utilities).
  • Genesis utility Collection TBA on Aurora, NEAR, and Ethereum.
  • Strong development team from blank.io
  • Building multi-chain "Endemiverse" featuring gaming, VR, entertainment, world-class institutions, and sports events, interactive NFT utility on the platform, and more.
  • Early Partners; Spartan group, Spartan Capital, Block0, Bigbrain holdings, Chainridge capital, Damo labs, BlackDragon, GCR, AirTx, SNAFU Collective, Zone of Avoidance, Muti Collective, NEAR Protocol, Aurora partnership, AMBER group, Ali Sabet, Zokyo, Renaissance Labs, Mutti and more.
  • Audit by Zokyo: https://endemic-app.medium.com/endemic-is-partnering-with-zokyo-13f0397d99aa


The project's token is called $END, with a max supply 50mil with burn rules on marketplace and initial circulating supply 2.500.000 with initial Market cap $1,000,000.

Project Founders: 

Stipe Plejić, CEO

Funding and Lead Investors: 

Endemic successfully raised funding in Seed Round and their  lead investors include Spartan group, Spartan Capital, Block0, Bigbrain holdings, Chainridge capital, Damo labs, BlackDragon, GCR, AirTx

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