Gemini Exchange Review 2022

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Gemini is a regulated crypto exchange. It is used to buy Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, etc. securely. Gemini is a New York-based company regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS). It offers a smooth, beginner-friendly platform with vital educational resources, thus making it an apt choice for new crypto investors who are just getting the hang of the crypto world.

Gemini has a very easy-to-understand and user-friendly interface. It also provides many educational resources related to Cryptocurrencies (also known as cryptopedia). It can be considered a suitable platform that is perfect for a newbie who wants to test the crypto waters. Here are some of the key features offered by Gemini:

Gemini offers some advanced-level trading choices, like charting and many crypto-to-crypto trading options, as ActiveTrader is its professional crypto-trading platform. This makes it very appealing for certain advanced traders looking for extra security, anonymity, or lower trading rates.

Gemini has the reputation of never having been subject to any major hack. Additionally, it offers insurance to offset losses from potential hacks and robust security measures. What makes it more secure is that along with storing most of its customer crypto assets offline, Gemini requires two-factor authentication to log in or make withdrawals, and users can implement a limited list of addresses that can receive withdrawals—or disable withdrawals from their account entirely.

Gemini's feature called Gemini Earn lets its users earn interest on some of their crypto holdings, similarly to how one would earn interest in a savings account. With this feature, users can put their crypto to work, lending their crypto assets primarily to institutional investors for up to 8.05% annual percentage yield (APY).
Users can carry out their purchases simply and securely via Gemini mobile app.

Gemini offers a feature called Block Trading to its users. Through this feature, they can buy a large number of securities at a price that is arranged between two parties. These sorts of transactions are not performed in the open market to decrease the security price's impact.

Comprehensive Review of Gemini Exchange

Founded in 2014 by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, New York-based Gemini operates on four key pillars. These pillars are product, security, licensing, and compliance. Gemini Exchange has set a goal to build trust among users and also be able to maintain it. They are doing so by offering a safe, secure, and adaptable crypto exchange platform.

Even though the key features of Gemini, like security and compliance, distinguish it from its counterparts, fewer cryptocurrencies are available on its platform compared to its competitors. It also has a more complicated fee structure than most other trading platforms. But despite the lesser number of assets available, Gemini is a very dependable option for both novice and experienced traders. The credit goes to its wide range of features, products, tools, and powerful security.

Let us look at some of the pros and cons of the Gemini Exchange


Both the Gemini website and mobile app offer a user-friendly trading experience.
It has features that offer something to both new and experienced traders, thus making it good for both beginners and advanced traders. For example, beginners will appreciate Gemini's simple buy and sell option and its cryptopedia which provides enough information to a rookie to become a better and smarter trader. Also, the ActiveTrader platform will be appreciated by experienced traders since it offers advanced charting tools and multiple order types and allows users to execute trades quickly.

Needless to say, Gemini offers the most secure platform for cryptocurrency exchange. One of its features includes a two-factor authentication system. It also allows the option to check and allow devices to log in. The wallet feature of Gemini is for users who don't already have a cryptocurrency wallet.

The company also prides itself on its security measures and has not recorded any successful hacking attempts on its site. To use all the platform features, a user needs to complete a verification process called the KYC (know-your-customer). It helps to decrease the cases of fraud in Gemini.

Gemini has also become certified by SOC 2, which reveals even more that the platform is committed to security and compliance. It also offers insurance, which helps protect user funds if any fraud occurs. Most of its assets are also kept in "cold storage" to keep them safe from any online threats.


This is where Gemini falls short. It has a lot to offer, but that comes with a slightly higher fee than other exchangers. It charges several types of fees depending on the services. Also, the fee structure can be difficult to understand for beginners.

  • Transfer fee: It is charged on certain types of deposits or withdrawals from the exchange, like any deposits from a debit card incur a 3.49% fee.
  • Trading fee: It varies depending on whether the trade is made using their app or website.
  • Custody fee: This covers the cost of Cryptocurrency storage in a Gemini Custody account.
  • Gemini Earn fee: It is charged for crypto that is earning interest in Gemini Earn.

Gemini currently supports around 60 cryptocurrencies. Compared with some industry competitors, Gemini offers fewer cryptocurrencies available to buy, sell, or trade. Some popular coins like Cardano and Ripple are not available.


Gemini is known for its platform's security and availability in all the U.S. states. It is also available in New York, which is unusual as most crypto exchanges tend to omit their services from there. It is a beginner-friendly platform that makes crypto trading easy, even though it is a bit expensive. Gemini is worth considering if anyone is looking for a safe place for crypto trading and investing.

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