Sugar Kingdom – Project Review

Sugar Kingdom – Project Review

Project USP: 

Gaming Metaverse based on hyper-casual games. Sugar Kingdom is releasing his first game, a match-3 puzzle game based on a famous & iconic mobile app. Zero entry barrier for users and a free scheme to play. Development team members from The Sandbox and Decentraland. CFO is also the Chief Economist of the Argentinian Bank Association. Future implementation of FIAT payments for easy access of users outside the crypto ecosystem.

Project Trivia:

Just imagine…

— It's a new day: you are now the King of the Sugar Kingdom. As soon as you log in, the change is noticeable: "Good Morning, Your Highness" is how you are greeted into the Courtroom. 

The whole ambience has been reshaped with golden frameworks, shimmering buttons and a brand-new regal background. 

"Your daily report, your Highness", calls the court assistant. 

It shares with you a concise report for your daily income and the most valuable data for the financial state of the Kingdom. 

After all, a king must know what is going on in his fiefs. 

The Royalty of the Kingdom calls for your attention: they require your vote to define a matter of public interest. The glimmer of a golden chest under the label "Treasury" stacks day after day, accumulating the Kingdom's Tribute. 

All should be reminded of who is their king, which is why your name is at the gate into everyone's daily piece of fun. 

Yet, for all your grandeur, you are yet kind — favour some of the less fortunate souls in the kingdom by your grace: with no costs to you, they will find themselves earning more for the day. 

And they'll know it is all thanks to the Royalty of Sugar Kingdom, you!

Project Founders: 


The project's token is called $CANDY, with a market cap of $478,877 and a circulating supply of 100 million, which is listed on PancakeSwap. Find out more about token here.

Latest funding rounds/Investment:

Sugar Kingdom successfully raised $585,000 in the seed round, $1,320,000 in strategic round and $560,000 in public round

Their lead investors include BBS Finance, DCI, MoonStarter, ZBS Capital, Scotty Beam, GotBit, DuckDao, Brotherhood Ventures, Synapse Network, Yasar Corporation, Zephyrus Capital, GameStation, Kommunitas, MM Ventures, Legion Ventures, AVG & many more..

Other Info: 

Sugar Kingdom is a Metaverse focused on casual games, suitable for all types of players. Become a Duke, a Prince, or even… the KING.

We are a team of professionals with experience in successful projects such as "Decentraland" and "The Sandbox", today there are more than 20 people creating a game of the highest quality.

The project will launch different games in the future, and already has an agreement with more than 200 youtubers and KOLs to carry out aggressive marketing actions to promote burning mechanisms that will cause the number of tokens in circulation to decrease significantly.

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